Thursday, November 11, 2010

Top 5 ways to not lose weight

5)  Join Weight Watchers, but don't count points.  Pesky, pesky points.

4)  Pretend that nursing a child who eats PLENTY of solid food burns as many calories as nursing a baby who eats ZERO solids.  Same, right?

3)  Ignore exercise, doesn't washing dishes count?

2)  Macaroni & cheese for lunch every day.  Why make something else when I'm already making that for the kids?

1)  Three words: Ghiradelli. Brownie. Mix.

And now you know why my weight loss ticker hasn't moved.  I won't lie, I'm probably not going to make too much of an effort until after the new year.  As long as I don't gain any weight between now and then I'm good.

Now I think I hear those brownies calling to me from the kitchen...


  1. I have an a race with me! I know how much you like running!!!!

  2. I'm making mint brownies today! Bring on the holidays! :)


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