Sunday, June 29, 2008

Another Two Year Anniversary

Tomorrow is another two year anniversary for us. On June 30th, 2006 Brian was baptized. My dad did the baptism and it was pretty exciting for us:) Here is my dad with Brian just before.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Random Rambling

Brian and I have a king sized bed. I actually bought the mattress and box springs before we got married but I found out soon after we got married that it was a good thing I had. The reason is that Brian feels the need to sleep in the exact middle of the bed. Even when he starts out sleeping on one side he ends up in the middle by morning. Which means I only get about a third of the bed to sleep on.

At my parent's house, (where we have been for the last 2 weeks) we sleep in a queen sized bed. This hasn't been so bad in the past, but these days Kalena spends at least part of every night in bed with us. This is more out of convenience than any sort of parenting philosophy. It's much easier to have her there instead of having to go get her every time she want to nurse and also, when she's sleeping on her own she generally sleeps in two hour stretches whereas if she sleeps next to someone she'll sleep as long as 6 or 7 hours at a time.

Anyway, as you might imagine, space is tight in a queen bed with Brian sleeping in the middle of the bed and a baby between us. So over the last two weeks I learned to sleep on about 6 inches of mattress. And then we came home. And slept in our bed. And it's so BIG! I have so much space! Even with Brian in the middle and Kalena in the bed. I have space to roll over and everything.

So...I love my bed. That's pretty much my point.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Back home

Well, we made it back to Texas in one piece. It's nice to be back, but I am sad that I have to go back to work on Monday. Six weeks is just not long enough! I am thankful that I got six weeks though; there's no way I could have taken off unpaid time so if I didn't have the maternity leave I would have had to take my two weeks of vacation and go back. Anyway, we're home now which means we have to make our own meals and do our own laundry and clean up after ourselves and my mom is not around to hand the baby to when I want to do's sad really. Oh well. Here are some more pictures to distract you all from the fact that I don't have anything interesting to say!

Maybe she's meditating.

Kirsta painted her toenails!

The cousins at Kari's open house (June 21st). Left to right: Patrick: 4 months, Kalena: 1 month, & Espen: 3 months.

How does she sleep with her hand up in the air like that?

Kari and her husband Jonathan at their open house.

Me with Kalena at the open house.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Two Years

Today is our two year anniversary. Here we are after getting married:

Since it's our anniversary, here is the "how your met your husband" survey. (I stole this from Jule's blog cause it's so fun!) Here goes.

1. Where did you meet your husband? At a birthday party for someone neither of us knew. I got taken there by a date who ditched me, Brian got taken there by a friend who ditched him and neither of us knew anybody so we talked to each other.

2. What was the first thing said? This was our first conversation (after introductions):
Me: So are you from Grand Junction?
Brian: You mean did I grow up here or did I go to high school here?
Me: Either one.
Brian: No.
Pretty much the best conversation ever.

3. What was your first date? We had dinner at a little mexican place, Conchita's, and then watched The Thomas Crown Affair at his apartment.

4. How long did you date? We dated for 8 1/2 months before we got engaged, and we were engaged for 2 whole weeks before we got married, so 9 months.

5. First kiss? On his front porch after our first date. It was very nice:)

6. Where did you get engaged? Sitting on the floor of my apartment in Midland while eating meat fondue. He proposed in the middle of dinner-- he had the ring and he said it was making him nervous to wait.

7. Where did you get married? In his parent's backyard. I went wedding dress shopping once after we got engaged and I realized the planning a wedding was NOT something I wanted to do. So we said, hey, we're going to be in Grand Junction this weekend, both families (minus some siblings) live there and we still have Colorado IDs, let's just do it while we're there! We made that decision on a Tuesday night, drove home the next day, told my mom when we got there, told his parents Thursday morning and got married Friday afternoon. And Friday night we saw Alan Jackson in concert. Every time I think about everything that goes in to planning a wedding I'm glad we did it this way:)

8. How did the reception go? We didn't have one! We just sent out wedding announcements after the fact and that was that. Another excellent choice in my opinion.

9. Where did you go on your honeymoon? Tahiti-- specifically Moorea and Bora Bora. By far the most relaxing vacation I have ever been on. I would do it again in a heartbeat.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Just pictures

I'm just posting pictures because I'm too lazy to write anything. The first is Kalena with cousin Espen who is 4 months old. The next is her with my mom and the rest should be pretty self explanatory.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

More about the baby

People are in agreement- the baby looks like Brian. Lots of people have commented about it and after looking at baby pictures of me I'd say they're definitely right. I'll post a couple of cute pictures of the two of them at the wedding after I get them from my brother.

In ways besides looks, she seems to be taking after me. The comments people make about her are mostly centered on how alert she is, how much she focuses on people's faces, and how much she moves and stretches. According to my baby book-- by the way, I think I confused some people with the wording in my last post, when I talk about my baby book I mean the scrapbook my mom kept for me when I was a baby--anyway, according to my baby book people made the same comments about me when I was a baby.

She smiles sometimes, especially when people talk to her. She has also laughed a few times which, of course, is adorable. She is 4 weeks old tomorrow and I can't believe how much she's already changed. It's just amazing.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008


Last night after feeding at 11 pm Kalena cried for half an hour and then she slept. For SEVEN hours! According to my baby book (which I got out and read yesterday) I started sleeping for 7 hour stretches when I was a week old, so I guess Kalena is a little behind ;)

On a separate note, I'm pretty convinced that my mom has special powers. She's the only one who manages diaper changes without making the baby cry and she can somehow put the baby to sleep when she won't sleep for anyone else. Is that just what happens after raising five kids or what? Either way, I really think she needs to come live with us because besides those talents she comes in to get the baby around 7 so that Brian and I can sleep in. Ahhhhh, life with mom around.

Monday, June 9, 2008


Here are a few of the cute pictures taken at Kari's wedding on Friday.

4 Generations: Kalena, me, my mom, and my mom's mom.

Me with Kalena

Our little family

Bridesmaids and babies: Me with Kalena (19 days old), Kirsta with Patrick (4 months), and Kari's friend Salem with Clyde (9 months). The dads managed to keep all the babies quiet during the ceremony:)

I'll post more about the wedding and the travels when the baby isn't moments away from waking up and wanting to be fed.