Sunday, November 7, 2010

First photo of the teeth

I think I mentioned that Will is getting four teeth.  Interestingly, the four he's getting in are the two middle bottom ones and his top two lateral incisors.  (Yeah, I had to look that up.)  So he's not getting his two front teeth, he's getting the ones on either side.  It makes him look like a little vampire whenever he opens his mouth enough to see the top two.  They're like little fangs.  I tried to get a picture of ALL the teeth, but the best I could get was the bottom two.

Hopefully now that they've all broken through he'll get back to sleeping better again.


  1. That's how my friend Stevie's son's teeth grew in too. Weird. Must be a boy thing ;) Will is SO cute! Look at that adorable smile!


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