Saturday, November 27, 2010

Looks like an enthralling book

Lately Kalena likes to tell me, "No, Miss read it!" when I try to read to her.  Usually I end up letting her "read" one book while I read her a different one.  

Other times I just take pictures.  

P.S.  She still wears her zip up the back pjs to sleep in, but sometimes she asks to put on those footie pjs with the hearts when she wakes up.  Wouldn't you want to run around in pink fleece footie pajamas if you had some?


  1. She probably just wants to be like her mommy. Also - your comment cracked me up. Can't wait to see you dressed up like a dinosaur!

  2. I actually want some footed pj's for myself! They sell them in skymall magazine :)

  3. Espen is sort of doing that right now too. Usually by "No, me read it" he means he wants to HOLD the book. And turn the pages. Which is really helpful.


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