Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Some Kalena-isms

My dad finally got Kalena to start saying "knife" instead of "wife" but now she super-emphasizes the N sound.  So it's more like NNNNN-ife than just knife.  Anyway, here are some other things she says right now that I don't want to forget.

She says "last-er-day" instead of "yesterday"
My dad sometimes calls her "snicker-doodle" but Kalena says it "stinker-doodle"
I may have mentioned this already (I know I said it on twitter) but she calls ginger ale "gingerella"
She knows now that Will's name is William (and not actually Buster) so even though she still calls him Buster most of the time, she does sometimes call him Will-whem.
When Brian is working out she'll combine the phrases "doing his workout" and "working out" and tell me that he's "doing his working out."
She's getting better at saying prayers unassisted, but often when she starts saying things she's thankful for she'll open her eyes and just start listing stuff in the room until someone redirects her.
Okay, this one takes a little explanation.  You know how sometimes you'll finish a word or phrase with "what" to clarify something?  (For instance if I said "gestational diabetes" and someone responded with "gestational what?")  Well, Kalena has picked this up, only she just adds "what" in the middle.  So, if she asks what's for dinner and I tell her potato soup, she'll say, "Potato WHAT soup?"  And I don't know how funny this comes across on the old blog here, but it is hilarious, and she does it ALL THE TIME.

Anyway, that's all for now.  Although, I'm sure I'll think of more as soon as I publish this.

See, I came up with another one.  She constantly asks, "What you guys talkin' bout?"  She wants to make sure she's included in the conversation

Monday, January 30, 2012

Want to join us?

During the month of February my mom and I are working on a special project.  We are going to be making an effort to go out of our way every day to do something nice for someone else.  Not just the normal nice things, out of the way nice things.  (Meaning, my making dinner for the family is nice, but doesn't count.  My making dessert, however, would count because I CAN'T EAT ANY.  (Just had to throw that in there.))

So what do you think?  Are you in?

Friday, January 27, 2012

Failed again.

I knew the glucose test was going to be especially fun when I woke up at 2 this morning and couldn't get back to sleep until 4 am.  Because the only thing better than getting up at 6 to get blood drawn (repeatedly) is to do it on not enough sleep!

Anyway, I had forgotten how sweet the 3 hour stuff is.  The 1 hour stuff tastes like flat soda to me, so I have no problem drinking it.  The 3 hour stuff, on the other hand?  Is like drinking sno-cone syrup.  It was so sweet I felt like it should have been thicker.  But I got it down and the blood draws commenced.  I have about one good vein, so it's bruised all to hell (even though the nurse who did the 3rd blood draw managed to get a different vein.)

If you don't know how a 3 hour glucose test works, here are the basics.  You go in fasting 10-12 hours (hence first thing in the AM.)  They draw blood to check fasting sugar levels, then you drink the nasty sugar drink and then wait.  They draw blood again after 1, 2, and 3, hours.

At the last blood draw the nurse asked me if I wanted to know the numbers and OF COURSE I did.  Obviously she couldn't give me the number for the blood she'd just taken, but I figured if the others were good I'd be fine.  Here's what I learned:

Acceptable Numbers                   My numbers
Fasting: less than 95 (mg/dL)      83 (mg/dL) perfectly fine
1 hour:  less than 180                  255 Not okay
2 hour:  less than 155                  217 Not even okay for the 1 hour reading- HA HA HA.
3 hour:  less than 140                  Well they didn't have it yet, but considering the other ones I'm gonna guess IT DOESN'T MATTER.

So yes, it's welcome to gestational diabetes for me.  *sigh*

Thursday, January 26, 2012

32 weeks

Well, we're getting to the end of things here, aren't we?  And be "we" I mean "me" and by "things" I mean "pregnancy."  Brian and I were joking about how getting gestational diabetes would really just top things off for this pregnancy.  Because it would mean I spent essentially the whole time sick with one thing or another.  At least I haven't had kidney stones right?  (When I was pregnant with Kalena I had kidney stones.  NOT FUN.)

At least I have an early morning gestational diabetes test tomorrow to look forward to!  Oh wait.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Will with bed head

It appears that Will has also inherited Brian's crazy hair.  He woke up from his nap yesterday looking like this:

And just as a refresher, here's what Kalena's bed head looked like at 16 months old:

More pictures of that here.

I guess it's a good thing Will's hair is short, otherwise it would get even crazier.  By the way, his expression in that picture isn't because he's still tired, it's because he's incapable of keeping his eyes open if the camera flashes.

Monday, January 23, 2012

More fun blood draws!

The nurse from my doctor's office called this morning.  As soon as I saw the phone number I knew what she was going to say- I failed the 1 hour glucose test.  This means I (once again) get to participate in the super-duper fun 3 hour glucose test!  Awesome right?  The nurse told me she'd fax the order over today and I can go anytime this week, but I'll be going in on Friday.  It's not that I'm putting it off (really I'd like to get it over with) but my dad has Fridays off so he'll watch the kids if I go then.  And I think we can all agree that 3 hour glucose test with zero toddlers will at least be more enjoyable than 3 hour glucose test with two toddlers.

I had to do the 3 hour glucose when I was pregnant with Will, but I've looked through the archives and can't see that I actually wrote about it, so here's what I remember.  I didn't fail that 3 hour, but I did have 1 high reading (I don't know the number, or how much higher than the cutoff it actually was.)  My doctor just recommended that I stay away from concentrated sugar (no soda, no dessert, etc.) and that was that.  If I remember right, it was the 3rd blood draw that was high (the 3rd of the 4) and the lab techs had a particularly difficult time doing that draw.  I tend to not have great veins and there's really only one that ever works but by the 3rd stick it was not cooperating.  Anyway, point being- that draw ended up being like 35 minutes late by the time they actually got it to work.  (I'm not sure if that affected anything, but that's how it happened.)

I do warn them, by the way, that I tend to have bad veins.  I've found the lab techs pay more attention and are more likely to get it on the first shot if I say that.  Plus they're more likely to bring in whoever is the bad vein "expert" if they start having trouble.

Anyway.  Fun times for Friday.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

31 weeks

I forgot to mention that I *did* talk to my doctor about my forever long cough when I was there last week. She listened to my lungs and said they sounded clear so it was nothing to worry about.  And I am feeling MUCH better, by the way.  Only took like 6 weeks.  So here I am, 31 weeks along.

Less than 10 weeks to go.  We don't have a name picked out yet.  Definitely the longest we've gone without settling on a name.  When I was pregnant with Kalena we picked out her name, but we also picked out a boys name.  And used that name for Will.  Apparently we were only capable of agreeing on 2 names.  I'm sure we'll get it figured out eventually.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

30 weeks in: so far so good

At my OB appointment last month, my doctor gave me the paperwork to go get my glucose tolerance test done.  I asked when I needed to do it and my doctor replied, "Oh, anytime you want."  And then turned around and looked at me and said, "Before your next appointment."  I sort of laughed to myself because OF COURSE I would get it done sometime in the next 4 weeks.  No problem right?  At that point I'd had my cough for about 2 weeks and I figured it'd be over soon (HA!)  So I was waiting to get better.  And waiting, and waiting, and waiting.  By this Monday I was coughing less, so I figured sometime later in the week I'd go do the test.  Then Tuesday evening I got a message from my OB's office reminding me of my appointment the next day.  WHOOPS.  Fortunately for me, I'd scheduled the appointment for late in the afternoon.  That left me time between Brian coming home from school (noon) and the OB appointment (4:20) to get the glucose test done.  Anyway, that's mostly just a long story to tell you that I did my glucose test yesterday.  I'd tell you the results, but the doctor's office didn't have them yet.  Apparently they'll call if I need to go in for the 3 hour test.  (I didn't have to with Kalena, but I did with Will.)

So.  Then I had my appointment.  I don't know if this is a third child thing, but I am paying way less attention this time around.  I know my blood pressure is good because the nurse always tells me the numbers (100 over 70 yesterday.)  I think I've gained about 27 lbs- ish.  That's based on my home scale.  And a guess at my pre-pregnancy weight.  Also, pretty sure I had gained more and I've lost some while I've been sick.  I don't know what I'm measuring (I assume she'd tell me if it was too far off) or what the heartbeat is (again, I assume she'd tell me if something was wrong.)  I also have a hard time keeping track of just how far along I am, but I think that's mostly because *my* dates have me changing weeks on Fridays, the original ultrasound dates had me changing weeks on Thursdays, but somehow the due date they gave me (based on that original ultrasound) has me changing weeks on Wednesdays.  I don't know how that happened.

Anyway, apparently I'm now moving to the every other week appointments.  And since I'm 31 weeks (yesterday, today, or tomorrow DEPENDING) I'm officially down to the single digits for weeks left.  Whoa.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Definitely nap time

Starting at the beginning of this year, church is at 1 pm.  We weren't sure exactly how well this would work out considering that both the kids usually nap at 1. It was mostly Will we were worried about since Kalena is generally okay without a nap.  Anyway, he's been okay but it's pretty obvious he's tired, especially by the time he's in nursery.

In fact, last Sunday the music leader told me that when she went in to sing with the nursery kids, Will laid down on the floor and pulled his carpet square up over himself like a blanket.  I guess he really was ready for a nap.

Monday, January 16, 2012

30 weeks

Well, I made it 3/4 of the way through.  Don't know how that's possible since I've been sick for this WHOLE ENTIRE PREGNANCY.  Alright, that's probably a little bit of an exaggeration but it started with 14 weeks of round the clock nausea, then daily headaches, then a stomach bug, then this ridiculous cough.  I would like to be well when I have this baby.  Is that too much to ask?

Anyway, here I am.  In the best non-maternity maternity dress ever.  (Compliments of Kari.)

Friday, January 13, 2012

Free books!

I'm sure that you've probably all heard about Dolly Parton's Imagination Library by now, right?

Well, if you haven't, it's a great program that sends books to kids under 5.  You register your kids, and then every month until they turn 5 they get a book in the mail.  For free!  The only catch is that your area has to be participating in the program.  You can check out this map to find out.

Anyway, I first heard about the program in our local paper actually, when they advertised that our library was doing it.  And since I am addicted to books (and you know, encouraging my kids to also be addicted to books) I signed them up right away.  I registered both kids separately (since it says they send age appropriate books and my kids are different ages) and we got our first books in October.  I was a little worried when we got our first books because it was 2 copies of The Little Engine That Could, and I thought we might be in for 2 copies of the same book every month, but it turns out that's just the first book EVERY kid gets.  The kids have received different books every time since.  Anyway, I'm pretty sure I'm rambling here.  I just can't get over how FUN it is to get new books in the mail every month!  Kalena especially loves it, since the book comes addressed to her.  They've mostly been books I haven't heard of (but not all) but they've all been enjoyable reading.  Plus, they're books we don't already own!

So.  Go find out if they have this where you are and if they do, get signed up!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Shot myself in the foot with this one

So, I started New Baby's stitchery the other day.  Because, you know, I want to PRETEND like I'm going to get it done anytime in the near future.  And I like the pattern, I really think it's cute.  Here's a picture of what it should look like when I'm finished:

I do have to say I really hope that they used the name Noah just as an example and that nobody actually bought a Noah's Ark themed stitchery for a child named Noah.  Anyway, cute yes?  But the pattern is SO much more complicated than the one I did for Will or the one I did for Kalena.  The picture doesn't make it look more complicated, but IT IS.  So now I'm kicking myself for not realizing how much more time this one would take (even though HOW COULD I KNOW?)  And yeah.  Maybe I'll get it done by the time he starts kindergarten?

Tuesday, January 10, 2012


You guys, I am STILL SICK.  This is the cough that never ends.  Thursday will be 4 weeks that I've had it.  And at this point I am SO ready for it to be over that I'm even looking forward to my gestational diabetes test because at least I'll be better!  (I won't be able to take the test until I've over it because right now I can't make it an hour without cough drops or something.)

Anyway, how about if I just throw some more pictures of my kids up here hmm?

Here's Will, feeding mac & cheese to his dinosaur.  Because, why not?

And Kalena, dressed up for church.  Not sure what's up with that smile, but I love that little dress.

Will trying to hide from the camera.

And hopefully one of these days I'll be better again.

Saturday, January 7, 2012


So, I finally finished Will's stitchery.  I'm pretty sure I mentioned it at some point, long, long ago when I was assuring you all (stupidly) that I would finish it before he was 16 months old (I finished Kalena's when she was 16 months old.)  Since I started it while I was pregnant with him and finished it yesterday and he's two, it means it only took me approximately forever to get it done.

And I'm getting ready to start the one for this new baby, but this time I won't be making any rash promises about when I'll get it done.  Also, I'm going to have to apologize in advance to my youngest child, because it seems that pregnancy of "next baby" is what gets me to finish any of these things so youngest child's is just never going to get done.

Friday, January 6, 2012

29 weeks

Yep.  That's me.

I'd tell you to ignore the fact that I'm in yoga pants and wearing no makeup, but that's true 99% of the time.  So really this picture is more accurate than my others.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Giant head photo evidence

The kids played outside today, and since it's pretty cold out they needed to be bundled up.  Here's Will in child sized coat and mittens and an adult sized hat.

I guess you can't argue with cute.

Monday, January 2, 2012

Will: the 2 year old

As you know, this kid turned 2 recently.

And that means well visit time!  (My life it just one thrill after another, let me tell you.)  Anyway, he continues to be what the doctor calls "short and sturdy" with a giant head.

He is 33 inches tall- 15%, 28.2 lbs- 52%, and his head is 20 1/2 inches around- 99%.

He got a couple of shots and made it through those with nothing more than a betrayed look in my direction.  Then burst into tears because I wouldn't put his shoes on the wrong feet.  He has his priorities you know.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Yes, we go to the dinosaur museum all the time

Since Kirsta is here and her kids are *almost* as obsessed with dinosaurs as my kids, we took everyone to the dinosaur museum yesterday.  Okay, everyone but Caroline because she was napping.  Anyway, I know you don't think it's possible that I could have taken MORE pictures of the kids playing at the dinosaur museum, but I DID.

Here are Patrick and Kalena "discovering fossils!" as Patrick put it.

Will is pretty sure the "quarry" is actually a beach, so he's lounging.

Here's one of all the kids making dinosaur footprints in the sand.  Left to right: Espen, Kalena, Will, Eli, Patrick.  And would you believe Eil is only 6 weeks older than Will?  He seems WAY older than that.

And, last but not last, family photo!  We don't take nearly enough of these.

Happy new year everyone!