Saturday, November 20, 2010

I apologize if this isn't coherent

I have my annual Thanksgiving time cold right now.  It's pretty awesome (as always) and it was giving me an awesome headache earlier, so I dug around in our medicine drawer for something to take.  I found some Tylenol multi-symptom cold which seemed like it would fit the bill.  It's the nighttime stuff, but I took it anyway, figuring if I could make it through the inital wanting to fall asleep I'd be fine.  And, as it turns out, a toddler and a baby are pretty good incentive to tough out the wanting to fall asleep.  I did NOT count on the drowsiness getting worse as time went on.  I took the stuff like almost 3 hours ago and now I could probably fall asleep in this chair if I let myself.

Anyway, Kirsta and Joe and the boys got in to town today, so hopefully I'll have many cute pictures of the kids playing together.  Kalena was VERY excited for Patrick to get here and so far they've enjoyed each other's company lots.  We'll see how much they still enjoy each other after a week.

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