Sunday, November 28, 2010

Random Thankful

Since I didn't do a "thankful" post on Thanksgiving, I thought I'd tell you something I'm thankful for today.  Kalena doesn't climb out of her crib.  I'm sure she COULD.  Especially since she's climbed INTO it on numerous occasions.  It is SO GREAT to be able to put her in her crib and know that she'll stay there.  She may get up at the crack of dawn, but at least she doesn't get up at the crack of dawn and then break her head open getting out of her crib without help.  Sometimes it's the little things.

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  1. Today while I was taking a shower, Amelia got into her trash can and opened up a poopy diaper and when I got out of the shower she had poop all over her hands. Reminded me of Missy Kalena. Good times :)


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