Monday, December 28, 2009

Yes, pictures

I hope everyone had a merry Christmas and that the holiday kept you busy enough that you weren't checking my blog 17 times a day waiting for pictures. (Although I'm pretty sure nobody checks my blog 17 times a day, even in anticipation of seeing a new baby.) Anyway, here you go.

Brand new! And still a little gross.

Now a father of 2. Crazy.

Getting ready to go home. I know you can't see it in this picture, but that adorable green sleeper says "Santa's helper" and has reindeer on the feet.

I keep feeling like we didn't take enough pictures of him in the hospital because we have SO MANY of Kalena there, but then I realize that's because we were in the hospital for 5 days with Kalena and barely 24 hours with him. Anyway, more soon.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Happy Birthday!

Today at 10:49 am there was a new addition to the van de Boogaard family, Brian and Elsha chapter. William Henry van de Boogaard was born at 8 lbs 1 oz and 19 1/2 inches long. Both mother and child are resting and doing well.

Future post to come, I am sure.


Monday, December 21, 2009


I'm calling this labor. After contractions waking me up Saturday night, contractions most of the day yesterday, contractions waking me up last night and contractions ALL DAY today I think it's safe to say this baby is coming soon.

As of now I am exhausted. I haven't had a good night's sleep since Thursday and the only way I've been able to sleep at all today is leaned forward over a pile of pillows in my lap. And that was only for the 3-5 minute increments between contractions. Fun times, I'll tell you what. I suppose we'll be leaving for the hospital relatively soon. We only live like 2 minutes away (the hospital is literally less than a mile from my neighborhood) and I'm not in a hurry to get there.

I'll try not to torture you all with waiting on the birth announcement, so if I can't get the blog updated SOMEBODY will. Wish me luck!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

No news

Turns out they didn't do a cervical check on Monday so I have no idea how things are going yet. I'm getting a little antsy to have this baby, not because I'm uncomfortable, just because I'd REALLY like to have him a reasonable amount of time before Christmas. (For those of you saying, "Maybe you should have thought about that last March..." I KNOW.)

Of course, wanting to have the baby is not (apparently) motivator enough to make me get things done. I'm done Christmas shopping for Kalena, and that's it. (Okay, I have ONE thing for Brian.) Parents? Siblings? Anyone else? Nope. Mailed the Christmas cards? Nope. Written the Christmas cards? NOPE. Finished the receiving blankets or Kalena's baby book, both of which I SWORE I'd have done by the end of the year? Nope and nope. I keep thinking, yeah yeah, I'll get to it. And then I realize today is the 9th already and I freak out a little bit. So. Anyone want to watch Kalena for the next week or so so I have time to get things done?

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

See, all I had to do was write that blog!

Today Grand Junction had a snow day. HA! Seriously. Not that it affects me personally seeing as I'm not in school and I don't have school age children, but it did mean my mom (a high school teacher) got the day off so that was nice. Brian, on the other hand, got his car stuck 3 times between the house and his office. It took him about an hour and a half to make what should be a 10 minute drive. Anyway, it snowed most of the day, but we did take a few of the clear moments to let Kalena enjoy this first big snow (about 8 inches) of her life.

A small section of sidewalk in need of shoveling.

Hanging out on the driveway. (Where she could actually walk around.)

In the snow next to the driveway, where she could definitely not walk around. She thought it was pretty fun anyway.

Maybe now I should write a post about how I'll never win the lottery?

Saturday, December 5, 2009

It makes me laugh

One of my Texas friends posted about the snow in Midland yesterday and the subsequent canceling of school for a snow day. That reminded me that while we lived in Texas Brian got at least 3 snow days. I know that the real reason for snow days in Texas is not actually the snow, it's the lack of any way to deal with it. There are no snow plows, roads aren't salted, and no one knows how to drive in the stuff so it's better for everyone if people just stay home. (By the way, just a side note here to the city of Midland-- having trucks sprinkle gravel on the loop is not even close to a good way to deal with ice.) Colorado, on the other hand, is always prepared for the snow which makes snow days MUCH more rare.

What I think is funny though is the comparison of what warrants a snow day in Texas versus what warrants one in Colorado. Take my experiences for example:

In Texas:
At least 3 snow days in 2 years of school. There was never more than an inch of snow, and one of the days school was cancelled just because it was SUPPOSED to snow. (It did NOT.)

In Colorado:
Going to school kindergarden-12 as well as 4 years of college in Colorado got me one single snow day ever. ONE. And that one doesn't even really count because it actually happened in college over spring break. (They did send out an e-mail announcing that all buildings on campus would be closed for the day, but obviously spring break meant no classes had to be cancelled.) Do you want to know how much snow it took to get us that snow day? 60 inches. That's SIXTY. As in FIVE WHOLE FEET of snow.

We always hoped for snow days growing up. If only I'd know that to get them I just needed to move to Texas...

Thursday, December 3, 2009

It's getting a little old

This may come as a shock to some of you readers who haven't ever been to Colorado, but not all of Colorado looks like this all winter:

I know, it's sad and a little disappointing to learn that, but it's true. Grand Junction doesn't get a whole lot of snow. In fact, climate-wise, I'm living in a desert. (For all my friends in Midland who are wondering, Midland gets almost 5 full inches of precipitation a year MORE than Grand Junction.) The thing is, in the winter Grand Junction gets cold. Plenty cold enough for snow. Growing up I always thought it was sort of the worst of both worlds, all the cold and none of the snow. I felt like if it had to be cold we should at least get snow to make up for it.

And that my friends, is how I'm starting to feel about this pregnancy. I feel like if I'm going to have all these contractions, I ought to at LEAST get to go into labor! But no. Instead I get to spend all day thinking, "Man, I really wish these contractions would do SOMETHING." I am glad that at least my body seems to be gearing up for labor (something that really never happened last time.) On Monday I get to start the cervical checks (fun right?) I'm hoping I don't have to come out of that appointment extremely disappointed. Anyway, I'm sure I'll post when I do finally go into labor, so don't get all antsy if I don't post, thinking I'm off having a baby somewhere.

P.S. That picture is taken in Boulder and I got it from here.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Maybe it's just preparing me?

Over the last few days around here there has been LOTS of crying and little sleep. Why? We took away the bottle. We warned Kalena that when we came back after Thanksgiving that she wouldn't be getting a bottle anymore. You would think that two bottles a day wouldn't be such a hard habit to break. WRONG. She is fine when you go to put her down, right up until she realizes you're going to leave her in her crib with nothing but a stuffed tiger to comfort her. (Aren't we just cruel?) As hard as it is to listen to her cry, and as much of a pain as it is that it now takes her FOREVER to go to sleep, I'm not giving in. Actually, one of my BIG worries about this whole thing is that I will have this new baby before Kalena adjusts to not getting a bottle and then someone (BRIAN) will give her one while I'm in the hospital and I'll have to start all over later. Anyway, lots of crying and no sleep? I guess I should get used to that.

Monday, November 30, 2009

There you have it

Back in this post I said I'd tell you the most depressing book I've ever read. I have to agree with Kirsta and Kari, Angela's Ashes takes the cake. Probably because it's true. There were parts where I would think, "How can people possibly live like that?" And then it would just get WORSE. If you don't like depressing, don't read it.

The book I didn't find depressing (but my friend did) was The Lovely Bones. It's definitely not a happy story, but lots of stories aren't happy. Part of it may be that when books come out and get great reviews and all I hear is how amazing the book is, I have high expectations. Usually those expectations aren't met. You'd think after being disappointed a couple times I'd learn my lesson and stop having such high expectations, but no.

Anyway, I made it through November again. I'm not sure I said much of anything, but then again I'm not sure I ever do.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Back home

Well, here we are back in Grand Junction. The drive back was not much fun. Even though we left right before what should have been Kalena's nap time, she only slept for about 20 minutes in the car. The pathetic part is that she just wants out of her car seat. After a few hours of driving she will start pointing at her seat belt and saying her word for buckle and signing "please" over and over. And then when you tell her that she can't get out she cries. It's sad. It also gets old very quickly.

We've decided that we're just not doing any road trips for a long time after this baby comes.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Neigh neigh?

For many, many weeks, the only animal noise Kalena would make was a dog. She would say "woof woof" if she heard a dog bark or if you asked her what a dog says, although it took her quite awhile to associate the sight of a dog with the noise. (I blame our non-barking greyhounds for that. Although, never hearing our dogs bark didn't deter Patrick from pointing at them and saying "woof woof" Every. Single. Time. he saw them when they were visiting Texas.) It took quite awhile to convince her that not ALL animals bark. We did finally get the point across though, and now she'll do noises for a dog, a cat, a horse, a tiger (quietest roar ever), a sheep, a chicken, and a lizard (that one isn't so much a noise, she sticks her tongue in and out.)

Brian and I were both interested to see what she'd do when she saw some of these animals in person, so that was yet another reason to look forward to Thanksgiving. We're here in Alamosa with Brian's parents who have 2 dogs, a cat, chickens, horses, and a mule. She enjoys following the dogs and the cat around. One of the dogs is Onyx (she came here when we moved) and Onyx still runs away every time Kalena comes in the room. Buddy, the golden retriever, is much more tolerant and even the cat will sit still for the baby for a minute or two. She enjoys going out to feed the chickens, but the horses are DEFINITELY the favorite.

Brian's mom has been taking her out to feed the horses (they have 11 plus the mule) and she LOVES it. She rides around in the wheelbarrow with the hay and "helps" feed them. (Mostly she throws hay out the side.) As today went on, it became more and more obvious how much she likes the horses. She would go to the back door repeatedly and point out to the yard and ask, "neigh neigh?" and put up her hands in "I don't know" gesture as if to say, "when are we going out to see the horses again?" And when she's out feeding them she'll sign "more" when they run out of hay because she wants to give them more.

Brian's mom has been hoping (pretty much since she found out I was pregnant with Kalena) for a grandchild that loves horses. Looks like she got her wish.

P.S. She is currently pointing at these pictures and saying neigh.

Friday, November 27, 2009

Did you?

Black Friday. I did not shop today. It was an easy choice though. In Alamosa there's a Wal-Mart and... ummm... a Penny's? So I really didn't think that was worth going out for. Had we been in Grand Junction I would have gone. $1.49 a yard flannels at one of the craft stores were calling my name. (I asked my mom to pick some up for me.)

I actually enjoy shopping during the busy holiday season, people watching and seeing all the holiday decorations. Plus I do almost all my Christmas shopping online which means no pressure when I'm shopping in stores. I imagine I won't do too much in-store shopping this year since Kalena will only tolerate the stroller for so long; but I'm still planning to enjoy it. What about you? Do you like holiday shopping? Did you brave the black Friday crowds? And most importantly, did you get any really great deals? :)

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Today, Kalena is thankful for bubble bath

For bubble bath and for giant jacuzzi tubs with jets that make massive amounts of bubbles. I think she's going to be highly disappointed when we get home and she doesn't get to do this every night.

I'm pretty sure the bubbles are actually deeper than the water.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

18 month pictures

When Kalena was first born I already knew when I wanted to go get pictures done for her. Not just snapshots, but take her somewhere and have pictures taken. I wanted to do the same times my mom did for each of us: at months 1, 3, 6, 9, 12, and 18 then at 2 years and yearly after that.

I've stayed on top of it so far, and that meant taking her to get pictures done this month after she turned 18 months. So my mom and I took her down to Sears and dressed her up and discovered something about taking pictures of Kalena. You either get serious Kalena or happy Kalena. Serious Kalena will leave her barrettes alone and pose wherever you put her, but no matter what you do to try to entertain her, her "good" smiles look something like this:

With happy Kalena you get hair in the face and running around all over the place, but the smiles look more like this:

I like having the Sears pictures, serious as they are, but I'm glad I can also have the snapshots so her personality can shine through.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

I guess some things never change

This picture was taken last November. Kalena and Brian were just zoned out watching some football.

This one was taken a few weeks ago. Kalena's hair is longer and Brian's is shorter, but there they are, hanging out, watching football.

I guess football is the exception to Kalena's only wanting to watch singing on TV.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Date night bullet points

When Brian texted me this afternoon asking if I wanted to do dinner and a movie tonight my first thought was, "um, YES PLEASE." And since living with my parents = readily available babysitting, I just okayed it with my mom and we were all set. I'm about ready to fall asleep, so here are some quick thoughts on the evening.

  • There was a point when I never would have said something like this but: sushi dinner. YUMMY. Also, yes, I ate sushi while pregnant. Sue me.
  • New Moon = better than Twilight. Still not as good as the book, but hey, what movie is?
  • To the person texting during the movie: yes, I can see you. Even 8 rows back. P.S. Did you seriously pay $8 so you could have a conversation with someone who isn't even there? If you're going to talk during the movie, at least talk to your friends who also paid $8 to be there.
  • Restaurant and movie were both Brian's choice. Because he's the best. Either that or he's buttering me up to ask for something big for Christmas...
And now, goodnight. I would like to stay up later but my alarm clock is a baby monitor and as many times as I've looked there's no snooze button. Big flaw in the design if you ask me.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

The manners are hard to resist

One of the gifts I got at my baby shower for Kalena was a pair of baby sign language books. I knew a little about the theory behind teaching babies to sign, but I didn't feel strongly about doing it or not. When Kalena started trying to stand up out of her high chair when she was done eating though, I knew we had to do something. So we taught her to sign "all done." Everyone was considerably happier once she could tell us she was done and then wait while we got her out instead of trying to dive out of the high chair on to the floor. For a long time that was the only sign she did. We worked on the sign for "more," but she didn't use it much.

As she started learning words I figured signing would be pointless, but something changed my mind. What made me change my mind you ask? The WHINING. Oh my goodness, I just couldn't take any more whining. When she didn't how to ask for something she would just point and whine and whine and whine. First we went back to the sign for "more." And she quickly realized that pointing at something and asking for "more" (even if she hadn't had any) will usually get her what she wants. And then (because I want to raise polite children and also because I find it adorable) we taught her to sign "please." It did not take her long to pick up on the idea that asking for "more please" is even MORE likely to get her what she wants. Of course, then I had to teach her "thank you" to complete the whole thing. So now she will (often unprompted) ask for "more please" and then thank you for it. It is SO CUTE. In fact, the asking "more please" is so cute that I really feel bad when a) I have to tell her no, or b) I don't know what she's asking for.

Anyway, I won't lie. I'm WAY more likely to give her something when she puts on her big smile and signs "more please" than if she points at it and whines. Am I ever going to be immune to the cuteness?

Saturday, November 21, 2009

I guess she likes the hair in her face

Kalena has PLENTY of hair to do cute stuff with. Unfortunately, she's not such a fan of having anything done. Anytime I put a barrette in it she'll pull it out and then hand it to me and say, "uh oh." As if she didn't just do that herself. Half the time she wants me to put it back in (so she can take it out again OF COURSE), the rest of the time she's just done with it.

For awhile rubber bands were better, but then she figured out how to get those out too. Now pretty much the only way I can even get them in her hair is if I do it while she's in the car seat. Sometimes I can get her to leave her hair done if she's distracted immediately afterward, but even then it's only a matter of time before she realizes she doesn't have hair hanging in her eyes and then it's all over.

Can you see her thinking, "Hey! Don't put that in there!"

"Now, which one should I take out first?"

So if you see Kalena running around with her hair all a mess, please don't judge me. I promise I tried.

Friday, November 20, 2009

18 months

On Wednesday Kalena hit 18 months. (18 months on the 18th, YAY!) We had her 18 month checkup today and here are the stats:

33.5 inches tall (93%)
27 lbs 8 oz (90%)

I think the weight might have been a little higher than normal though, because this morning Kalena was eating like it was going out of style! Her appointment was at 9:30 am and before that she ate 2 eggs with toast, a slice of bread (while we grocery shopped), a yogurt, and some banana. I guess she was hungry. Anyway, developmentally she's right on. It was interesting to hear the different recommendations though. In Texas our pediatrician said no whole milk, just 2%, but here they recommended she get whole milk. Also, our dentist friend in Midland said take her in at 2, but our pediatrician here said the AAP recently changed the recommendation to taking them in at 1 year. (So I guess I should get on that.)

The doctor's only concern was (confession time here) Kalena still takes a bottle to sleep. (I know! I posted forever ago about getting her off the bottle and then I never did.) She only gets water, so the doctor said that isn't so bad, but we still need to get rid of it. She recommended we either do it SOON, like before this baby comes so Kalena doesn't associate the two, or wait until the new year when things have settled down some. We'll see.

Kalena missed her 15 month appointment because we were in the process of moving, and she'd already missed one shot at her 12 month appointment so she needed 5 shots today. The doctor said we didn't have to do them all today, but I SO did not want to come back and Kalena has always handled shots well so I said go ahead and do them all. (I hope that doesn't make me heartless.) She did great though, took all 5 shots without crying. She did start crying when the nurse put the band-aids on though, don't know what that was all about.

I think that's it. Hopefully she'll stay healthy and we won't have to see the doctor again until next May! (For her anyway. Obviously having a new baby means many more trips.)

P.S. If you haven't already, go give me your opinion on this post.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

More fun with cousins

When we were in Midland we had several wonderful friends who were always willing to take Kalena when Brian and I both had to be places. I always appreciated it, and looked forward to the time when I could do the same for someone else. Since we've been back in Colorado I've been happy to watch my nephew Espen a few times when (for one reason or another) he couldn't go to the daycare he normally goes to. It's always fun for Kalena to have a playmate, especially one so close in age. They are SO cute together, but it's hard to capture that in pictures. Here's one of my attempts anyway.

Playing peek-a-boo with leaves.

They were taking turns "falling down" and laughing about it.

Espen wasn't interested in his milk, but Kalena INSISTED on carrying it around trying to give it to him. He would usually take it for a second, set it down, and then she would pick it back up and go after him again.

Just lying around in the grass.

P.S. If you're wondering about the pink bottoms on Espen's tennis shoes in the middle picture, it's because he's wearing Kalena's shoes. Good thing their feet are the same size.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Good to know

Kalena has never been much for TV. Not that I try to get her to watch anything, but we haven't been super strict about avoiding it either. For the most part, when the TV is on she ignores it unless she is sick (in which case she mostly is just cuddling with the person ACTUALLY watching TV) or very tired (again with the cuddling.) I don't have the TV on much during the day, mostly because there are plenty of other things I ought to be doing.

Anyway, her cousin Patrick is big on movies, so when we were at Kirsta's I was interested to see if Kalena would watch if Patrick was watching. Not really, as it turned out. She would play near him, and watch occasionally, but she wasn't interested in sitting and watching like he does.

The other day though, Kalena kept wanting me to sing to her. And sing, and sing, and sing. (Itsy bitsy spider mostly. She's started "doing" the actions along with me which is adorable by the way.) Anyway, I was getting quite weary of singing so I thought to myself, "hey, my parents have on-demand, and I bet there is some kids show on there with singing." I didn't know whether Kalena would actually watch or not, but I figured it was worth a try. So I looked and sure enough, there was a show where they sing nursery rhymes and songs so I turned it on. And Kalena watched. Then she watched another one (they are 10 minute episodes.) And when I turned it off she asked for more. I decided to test out a little theory and see if she would just watch shows geared toward kids, so this morning I turned on Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat and she watched! Apparently it's just the singing she likes. She doesn't care if it's animated or people or what. I guess she just wants to be sung to.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

A reminder

Some cute pictures of Kalena all dressed up to go out to dinner. Just to remind me that not ALL days are like today.

Monday, November 16, 2009

You tell me

I just finished reading a book that a friend told me is the most depressing book she's read.  (No, it's not the one I was annoyed about being a series book.)  Here's the thing though-- I didn't think it was depressing.  It was sad, yes, but not depressing in my mind.  So here's what I want to know from you: what is the most depressing book you've ever read, and why does it top the list?  

Sometime next week I'll tell you which book this was, and which books are on my most depressing list.

P.S.  I don't mean to BE depressing here, I'm just curious.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Home again

Well, it's always good to be home.  But sadly, home means no built in playmate for Kalena.  Without Patrick, who is going to pull Kalena around in a Tonka truck?

She'll just have to sit there looking lonely.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

On time (ish)

Here I am, 34 weeks pregnant. This picture looks a little weird, I think because of the mode the camera was on. Oh well, at least I took one this week right?

In terms of the pregnancy, I am feeling pretty good. The one MAJOR difference I'm noticing from last time is contractions. I have contractions ALL THE TIME. With Kalena I had contractions, um, never. Looking back at my blog posts from my pregnancy with her, the first time I even MENTION contractions I was 38 weeks 5 days. And then it was only to say that I was hardly having any. This time it seems like everything I do causes them. Carrying Kalena, walking up or down stairs, getting up off the floor, getting up off the couch, sometimes I even have them while I'm sitting there doing nothing. It's a crazy change from last time. Hopefully it's a good sign though.
And now I should go to bed, because these days Kalena believes that anything after 4:00 am is plently late enough to get up for the day.
P.S. NO. Getting up at 4:30 am every day has NOT made her naps any better.

Friday, November 13, 2009

That's Colorado for you

Today it's been cloudy all day and the snow finally started falling around 3:30 pm. A few inches have collected now, and as far as I know it's still snowing. But yesterday? Yesterday was gorgeous. While we were out running errands we took advantage of The Gorgeous and took the kids to a park near Kirsta's house.

Patrick is an old pro, but Kalena had her first experience feeding ducks. She wasn't *quite* sure why we were throwing the bread instead of eating it (she ate some anyway) but she had a good time.
This picture doesn't even begin to capture Kalena's excitement when she first started swinging on the swings. (But I still thought she looked cute here.)
Enjoying the tunnels at the playground.
This is one of my favorites. This was her first trip down the slide so she's a little unsure, but Patrick is there to help her along:)
And as if they weren't adorable enough, Patrick calls her "Na Na" (like he's saying the end of Kalena twice.) Every time she leaves the room he looks around and asks, "Na Na?" like, "where'd she go?" Too cute.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

More of my reading quirks

I've mentioned before that I can be weird about reading, more specifically, about what I read. Here's something else to add to that list. I don't like to read series books unless most or all of the series is already published. I don't like to have to wait to finish the story-- I want it all NOW! I didn't read the Harry Potter books until the first 5 were out. I didn't read the Twilight series until the first 3 were out. Also, when I did finally read those particular series, I finished each within a week. I'm a quick reader and reading everything at once just tends to make things flow better for me. I get more into the stories and more attached to the characters. The downside to all this is that I'm probably sadder when the series ends than if I'd read the books one at a time as they came out. (Brian would probably say that the BIGGER downside is that I get all caught up in reading instead of doing things like, say, laundry.)

Anyway, the point of all this is to say that I was REALLY annoyed with myself when, halfway through the last book I read, I looked at the back flap and realized that I was reading the first book in a series and the next book isn't scheduled to be published until NEXT SUMMER! I found the book interesting, and I definitely want to know what happens next. But of COURSE I can't just go get the new one when it comes out and read it. I have to reread this one just before the next one comes out. And if I like the second and there's a third? I have to read the first 2 again before IT comes out! And so on and so forth. Seriously. Before the 6th Harry Potter I read the first 5 again. And before the 7th I read the first 6. I'm just obsessive like that. Is it just me? What are your thoughts on series books?

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The little guy

Kari's been asking for them, so here are a few quick pictures. (Unedited because AGAIN, not on my computer.)

My mom with her newest grandchild.

Patrick loving on his new brother. All together now- Awwwww!

Of course, you have to be careful where you put Eli, otherwise Patrick will sometimes love on him a little too much.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Short and sweet

I'm at Kirsta and Joe's house visiting my newest nephew Eli. He's adorable, and I have pictures to post, but here's the thing. Kirsta and Joe don't have wireless internet!! Joe gave me some lame excuse about how they only have a desktop computer so they don't actually need wireless. I tried to remind him that *I* need wireless, but he wasn't buying it. First I did what any normal person would do-- check to see if the neighbors have wireless. And they do, but ALL the available networks are secure. I don't know that I've ever seen that before. There's always SOMEONE who didn't secure theirs, but not here. So even though I have my computer here, I have to post on their desktop instead. Anyway, I'll have to find somewhere with free wireless to go so I can post the pictures on my computer. But not today.

Monday, November 9, 2009

I've been taking the pictures all along

And now I'm finally posting them!

26 weeks:

27 weeks:

29 weeks:

30 weeks:

32 weeks:

33 weeks:

Ummm, not really much to say about these, but how did I get to 33 weeks so soon?  Also, apparently I didn't take pictures for weeks 28 or 31.  Probably if I posted these every week (you know, WHEN I TAKE THEM) I wouldn't be missing any.  Oh well.

Sunday, November 8, 2009


I loved living in Texas.  I really did.  But west Texas (for those of you who've never been there) is not very pretty.  I missed how beautiful Colorado is.  We've been back for long enough now to have seen summer, fall, and a little preview of winter and it's all beautiful.  I especially love seeing the seasons change.  

Some views from the house.

Believe it or not, those last two pictures are the same trees, taken only 10 days apart.  I think ALL the leaves fell off those trees in like 3 days.  Seriously.

Ah, Colorado.  It's good to be home.

Saturday, November 7, 2009


Kalena has recently developed somewhat of an obsession with shoes.  (Do all toddlers go through this phase?  It sort of seems like they do.)  She wants to try on any shoes that are laying around, or she'll bring you a pair of shoes for YOU to wear, or she'll ask repeatedly for her shoes until you put them on.  Although, you've got to pay attention because her word for "shoes" and her word for "juice" are essentially the same.  And by "juice" she just means something to drink-- water, milk, diet coke-- she calls it all juice. 

Anyway, it's pretty cute to see her in someone's flip flops, or walking around very carefully in my mom's high heels, but I just couldn't resist taking some pictures of her when she started wearing my boots.  I guess you can take the girl out of Texas...

Friday, November 6, 2009

Projects update

Alright, I don't know if you guys even care, but I'm telling you ANYWAY.  Remember WAY back at the beginning of the year when I talked about the projects I wanted to get done this year?  And then later I posted this about finishing one of them?  Well, I finished another one.  
I finally finished the stitchery for Kalena.  And it only took me until she was 16 months old!  Whoops.  I had to eat my words when she turned 1 because I definitely told Brian at some point (when he was making fun of me for taking so long) that I would be done by her first birthday FOR SURE.  My bad.  But now I'm done!  And it's framed and lovely and we just need to hang it up.

For the record, I think part of my problem is that I didn't go out and pick the stitchery until after she was born.  I already have a good start on this new baby's project.  At the risk of eating these words too, I should EASILY have it done by his first birthday. 
Moving on.  I am going to revise on of the projects I want to finish.  I had the memory quilt on the list, but when everything happened and we moved back to GJ that quilt got put into storage and there was no way I was going to go digging through our storage unit just to give myself more work.  So I had written it off as not going to get done this year.  And THEN I found it in a box in the garage.  Like 3 weeks ago.  But by that point I'd already decided I wasn't going to finish it, so instead I'm just switching it out with a new project.  I bought some cotton flannel and I'm going to make some receiving blankets for the new baby.  And since the new baby is coming before the end of the year, I'd BETTER finish these before then as well!  So there you have it.  The two projects left on my list: Kalena's baby book (about 1/2 done) and the receiving blankets.  I can still make it.  Right?

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Loving it

In this post I talked about my weird pregnancy symptoms, and mentioned that most of my pregnancy symptoms are mild.  The more I talk to other people about their pregnancies, the more I realize I'm one of "those women."  Those women that pretty much every pregnant woman hates because I?  Love being pregnant.  LOVE it.  
I'm sure that comes in part because my symptoms ARE mild.  My "morning sickness" is just a vague nausea easily quelled by saltines and ginger ale.  I don't get overly uncomfortable (even as big as I got with Kalena.)  Tums are an essential part of my day by now, and I need considerably more sleep than non-pregnant me, but neither of those seem like a big deal.  But really what it comes down to is that I just FEEL good.  I enjoy seeing my belly grow; I love feeling the baby move; I even like how long it lasts-- it took me all the way until my due date with Kalena before I felt like I was 'done' being pregnant.  I feel comfortable in my skin when I'm pregnant in a way I never have before.  It is harder being pregnant this time around; running around after an 18 month old takes considerably more energy than working on spreadsheets for 8 hours a day.  But still.  I just enjoy it.  So what about you?  Love it?  Hate it?  Which camp are you in? 

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Don't hate me

This is totally a cop-out post.  I had intended to write something else, but I blog after Kalena goes to bed and tonight it took an hour to get her to finally go to sleep.  So now I need to shower and blog and put away laundry and get to bed at a decent hour because 5 am comes early, especially when this cough and ear infection are causing middle of the night wake ups as well.  

Moving on.  For those of you who haven't heard, as of Monday I have another nephew!  Go check out Kirsta's blog to see pictures of the little guy.  I'm sure I'll be posting pictures here when I go up to meet him!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Pumpkin Patch

I know these should have come before the Halloween ones.  But here they are now.  The pumpkin patch was pretty fun, although Kalena seemed a little overwhelmed by it all.  She was very quiet and not very smiley.  But that may have been because she was tired and almost fell asleep while we drove around for 20 minutes looking for the patch.  Turns out our google directions were wrong.  (You already know how I feel about google maps.)  Luckily we found it anyway.

Made it there!

Checking out the animals.  I'm not sure Kalena actually understood that these were Real Live Sheep.  She just stared.  

Cousin Espen wasn't sure why this corn didn't taste as good as the other corn he's had.

Hanging out with the pumpkins.

Kalena was considerably more willing to sit than Espen was.  Again, I think it had to do with The Tired.  Espen, on the other hand, wanted to run around and touch every pumpkin in the patch.

We didn't actually carve our pumpkin because I didn't think Kalena would care (also, I didn't want to) but the trip was fun anyway.  Besides, at this age you really just do this stuff for the pictures right?  Well, that and to get out of the house to keep from going crazy.  Not that I claim to be sane.  Anyway, I would call this first trip to the pumpkin patch a success.