Monday, November 29, 2010

Adjective of the day

These days Kalena seems to know one adjective: green.  Green is used not only to describe all colors, but pretty much to describe EVERYTHING.  Green show = any show she might like.  Green shirt = clean shirt (also, any shirt other than the one I've just offered her.)  Green room = other room.  It's pretty awsome.  Conversations go like this:

Me: Where is daddy?  Here?
Kalena: No.  Green room!

Me: Do you want to wear this shirt?
Kalena: No, GREEN shirt!

Me: Which plate do you want for dinner?
Kalena: Green plate!
Doesn't matter that I've offered her a choice between the purple plate and the orange plate.

And yes, she is always very enthusiastic about the green.  I know she'll outgrow it soon enough, but it's fun right now.


  1. I can't wait to hear about St. Patty's Day at the van de Boogaard house.

  2. Maybe you should go buy EVERYTHING in green, so that is always an option.. Then she'll outgrow it.


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