Thursday, January 26, 2012

32 weeks

Well, we're getting to the end of things here, aren't we?  And be "we" I mean "me" and by "things" I mean "pregnancy."  Brian and I were joking about how getting gestational diabetes would really just top things off for this pregnancy.  Because it would mean I spent essentially the whole time sick with one thing or another.  At least I haven't had kidney stones right?  (When I was pregnant with Kalena I had kidney stones.  NOT FUN.)

At least I have an early morning gestational diabetes test tomorrow to look forward to!  Oh wait.


  1. You look pregnant. Yes, this is the first week you have looked pregnant. Good luck tomorrow!

  2. Oh you may think you're getting to the end of things but you still have 8 weeks left. And the longest weeks of pregnancy, in my opinion. I kept thinking, "how can I be 35 weeks pregnant for 5 weeks?!!" Its ons of those so close yet soooooooo far away things. Good luck tomorrow!

  3. 1) You look awesome.
    2) I shall eat all your carbs & sugars for you until this boy gets himself born

  4. Kidney stones HURT BAD!

    I'm glad you don't have them again.


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