Friday, January 13, 2012

Free books!

I'm sure that you've probably all heard about Dolly Parton's Imagination Library by now, right?

Well, if you haven't, it's a great program that sends books to kids under 5.  You register your kids, and then every month until they turn 5 they get a book in the mail.  For free!  The only catch is that your area has to be participating in the program.  You can check out this map to find out.

Anyway, I first heard about the program in our local paper actually, when they advertised that our library was doing it.  And since I am addicted to books (and you know, encouraging my kids to also be addicted to books) I signed them up right away.  I registered both kids separately (since it says they send age appropriate books and my kids are different ages) and we got our first books in October.  I was a little worried when we got our first books because it was 2 copies of The Little Engine That Could, and I thought we might be in for 2 copies of the same book every month, but it turns out that's just the first book EVERY kid gets.  The kids have received different books every time since.  Anyway, I'm pretty sure I'm rambling here.  I just can't get over how FUN it is to get new books in the mail every month!  Kalena especially loves it, since the book comes addressed to her.  They've mostly been books I haven't heard of (but not all) but they've all been enjoyable reading.  Plus, they're books we don't already own!

So.  Go find out if they have this where you are and if they do, get signed up!


  1. Our county doesn't participate. BUT, the next county over does. And by next county over, I mean that I could literally throw my laptop into that county from a sitting position at my desk. I find this incredibly frustrating. My friend participates and I have been so jealous of her ever since then because WE DON'T LIVE VERY FAR FROM HER.

  2. I had a friend tell me about this and, son of a biscuit, our county doesn't participate. Kinda bummed me out A LOT. In fact, I even checked twice just in case they were wrong the first time. Heh.

  3. What a cool concept. Unfortunately my area doesn't participate. Maybe someday!


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