Monday, January 2, 2012

Will: the 2 year old

As you know, this kid turned 2 recently.

And that means well visit time!  (My life it just one thrill after another, let me tell you.)  Anyway, he continues to be what the doctor calls "short and sturdy" with a giant head.

He is 33 inches tall- 15%, 28.2 lbs- 52%, and his head is 20 1/2 inches around- 99%.

He got a couple of shots and made it through those with nothing more than a betrayed look in my direction.  Then burst into tears because I wouldn't put his shoes on the wrong feet.  He has his priorities you know.


  1. That's a giant head. I guess the shoes were just the last straw, he couldn't take ANY more! :)

  2. I got a similar reaction out of Jason when I started matching his socks. JK. He was okay with it. But it's true that he would not bother to match his socks on his own.

    I'm surprised Will's head is still so big! It looks pretty well proportioned now.

  3. This post made me laugh.

    I'm sure he's concocting lots of great things in that noggin of his.

  4. Darn it, you've reminded me that we need to schedule our well visit. Blah.

  5. Oh, the betrayed look! It's awful, right?

    Hannah's one year appointment is the week after next, and I know she's going to be furious with me.


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