Friday, December 30, 2011

Looking snazzy

Kalena recently rediscovered her sunglasses.  You'd think putting them on by herself would give her a 50/50 shot at getting them on right, but I'd guess she gets them on upside down 95% of the time.

And of course Will wants to do everything Kalena does.

And we now own enough dinosaur shirts to get him through a week.  Because pretty much the only way to convince him to get dressed is to show him whatever dinosaur shirt I've picked out for the day.


  1. Margaret always puts sunglasses on upside down. If we put them on her correctly, she says we've done it wrong.

  2. Will looks pretty cool in those sunglasses and jeans.

  3. Just like Elizabeth always puts her shoes on the wrong feet. Every time.

    Elizabeth adores some sunglasses. She has a sparkly pair from the party store that she really loves.

  4. Love it. I think Peanut has 6 pairs of sunglasses. Why, I have no idea.
    And she likes to rotate through them.


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