Sunday, December 11, 2011

Christmas decorating

This is our 6th Christmas as a married couple, and so far we've amassed 2 good sized bins worth of Christmas decor.  (Not including my nativities which all have their own boxes.)  Anyway, it seems like quite a bit of Christmas stuff, but not so much that we can't put it all out.

My mom, however, has had quite a bit longer to acquire Christmas decorations.  As a result she has lots.  Like, lots and lots.  So many, in fact, that for the past several years she themes the house when she decorates.  Last year it was snowmen.  This year it's Santa stuff.  We could have picked angels.  Or reindeer and sleighs.  It really makes decorating more fun.  It's like having a whole new set of decorations every year!  Of course, it helps that my parents have the space to store it all.

Anyway, how do you do it- do you get out all your Christmas stuff every year?  Or do you pick and choose?  And how do you resist buying new things every year to add to your collection?  (I don't resist.  And that's why my collection continues to grow.)


  1. We have 4 bins (plus the tree), but one is entirely wrapping supplies. We usually get out half of it, so last year we decided THIS year we'd Freecycle anything we don't want to get out(we did try to freecycle them in January, for the heck of it, and had no takers). All year long I looked forward to getting rid of 1 bin (so I could put other stuff in it). I haven't. Maybe next year?

  2. I have lots and lots of Christmas stuff, but I put it all out. I went through our boxes this summer (when I wasn't feeling attached and nostalgic) and got rid of all the things we didn't really like.

  3. We have one rubbermade box to house ALL our holiday decorations. It's pretty pathetic, and I'd like to get more (including some nativities!) but it just hasn't happened yet.

  4. I have a lot of decorations. Even as much as Christmas is totally not my thing, I love to decorate so I enjoy the excuse.


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