Friday, December 2, 2011

It's Friday!

And that means I'm gonna show you my belly again!  24 weeks now.  I typed 23 the first time so time must be going faster than I feel like it is.

I feel like an old lady.  I have trouble getting up out of chairs or off the couch and I have contractions every time I do.  Plus I'm still tired all the time.  

I freaked out a little bit the other day because I missed an unexpected call from my OB's office.  So many "something's wrong with the baby" thoughts went through my head before I listened to the voicemail.  Don't worry though, they were just letting me know that I'm not insured any more!  I knew that, seeing as Brian got laid off.  We don't have our Cobra stuff yet and as insanely expensive as Cobra is, we're gonna have to do it because I'm pregnant and therefore not eligible for anything else!  In Colorado if you're rejected by an insurance carrier you can apply for Cover Colorado (they cover people who can't get coverage elsewhere.)  But not if you're eligible for Cobra!  Ah insurance.  Always so helpful and accommodating and inexpensive.


  1. I can't tell which is bigger: your boobs or your belly. Is that an appropriate comment to make? I'm jealous.

    I'm glad I'm not the only one having trouble getting up out of chairs and stuff. I feel like such a bum.

  2. I was ridiculously tired the entire time. I'm less tired now with a newborn. Also, I wondered how obnoxious it would be to be obese because bending over and getting up off the couch was SO hard!!

  3. Grrr! Insurance makes me SO ANGRY!

    You look beautiful =)!!


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