Monday, August 1, 2011

What's a cabin in the woods without some time on the lake?

No mountain vacation is complete without spending a little time on a mountain lake, right?  So while in Estes we headed down to the marina and rented a pontoon boat.  Kirsta got behind the wheel and we headed out for a lovely time on the water.  

Then like 7 minutes in Amelia got sea sick and we had to turn around.  But we dropped Kari and Amelia off and went back out for a wonderful, you know, 12 minutes.  After that the kids were tired of it.

Even before we left the dock Amelia looked a little suspicious of the whole thing.

The kids took turns helping Kirsta pilot the boat.  That was the best part, obvs.

See how thrilled the are to be enjoying such a wonderful ride?

Seriously, who gets sick on a pontoon boat?  Oh well.  It was fun anyway.


  1. Seriously, who does get sick on a pontoon boat? We're in for a long ride.

  2. I'm enjoying my windblown look, do you think I could rent a fan to cart around with me everywhere I go? And did you post those to Walmart yet? My book's seriously cute, but seriously unfinished without those pontoon pics.


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