Monday, August 15, 2011

I think I need to have a karaoke party

So.  One of the benefits to family reunions in the state I live in is that we get to drive to them.  Maybe you're wondering why driving would be so great, I mean, 6 hours in the car with two toddlers doesn't seem like a fabulous time does it?  No.  BUT.  When you drive you can jam your car full of stuff to make life convenient and also more fun.  For instance?  I hauled 4 pack-n-plays up to the reunion so that we would have enough baby sleeping space for babies arriving by plane.  Convenient, yes?  Yes.

Know what else I brought?  A karaoke machine.  Obviously you would never take one of these on a flight, but we had room in the car so WHY NOT?  And you guys, it was so fun!  (Side note: yes it IS possible to have fun with karaoke, even if NOBODY is drinking.)  Because come on.  How often do you get to see your parents sing a duet of Summer Nights?

(Is that the cutest picture of my mom ever?)

And how often do you get to see my cousin belting out Backstreet Boys?  Okay, maybe a little more often.

So here's the real question.  If I have a karaoke party when I turn 29 (next month!!) will you all come over and karaoke?  I promise not to make you sing.  But I will like you a little more if you do.


  1. Yep, that IS the cutest picture of mom ever! It's her little titter when she's doing something devious, like making a midnight snack with you, or sharing half a Pepsi. I'll Karaoke with you ANY time, birthday or not.

  2. Yes, that is a great picture! I'm still a little sad that Jonathan didn't karaoke that night, I've still never heard him sing!

  3. Yes. That is the cutest pic of your mom I have ever seen. Granted, it's also the only pic I remember seeing of your mom. But I'm pretty sure I would still think it's the cutest, even if I had seen a ton more.


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