Wednesday, August 24, 2011

A typical day

So I'm stealing this from Jennie, and you should too because it's fun and I want to read about your day!

6:20-6:30 am: Sun shines in the window and I wake up.  Check the clock.  Realize I need to get up now if I'd like to brush my teeth in peace.  Lay there for a few more minutes anyway

6:30-6:45:  Get up, dressed, teeth brushed, hair brushed.  Brian gets up.  I start breakfast for me and the kiddos, usually oatmeal.

6:45: Kalena's sun comes up, releasing her from the prison of her room.  She's generally been awake for 30 minutes to an hour.  She finds me, then Brian to say good morning.  She is always cheerful.

6:50: Breakfast is ready, get Will out of his crib.  I wake him up if he's not awake to make sure the morning nap will happen.

6:55-7:20: Brian leaves for work (he eats breakfast there.)  I eat breakfast with the kids.

7:20- 9: Playtime.  I generally try to wash the breakfast dishes now and start a load of laundry if I need to.  Make our bed if I'm on top of things.  Read to the kids for an hour or so.  Say, "Be NICE to Will" one hundred thousand times.

9:  Will's morning nap.  Kalena gets to watch a movie most days.  Or, if I've scheduled a playdate for her it usually happens around now (at our house obviously.)  While both kids are occupied I try to do productive things, like clean.  But some days I work on my scrapbooks instead.  If I'm really tired (aka someone was up during the night) this is prime nap time.  Kalena will generally leave me alone if I tell her I'm "taking a rest."

10:00: Kalena and I snack during her movie.

10:30 ish: After her movie she plays, sometimes colors, sometimes more reading, sometimes outside.  She tells me multiple times that she "think Buster awake."  He is not.

Sometime before noon Will gets up and the kids play together until lunch.

12:00 Unless the kids are very engaged in something else, lunchtime.  Usually something quick and easy since they'll take two bites and be done.

12:20-2:00: Playtime.  Prime mess making time!  I say, "Be NICE to Will" one hundred thousand times more.  Another 30 minutes to an hour of reading again before nap time.

2:00 pm: Will and Kalena both nap.  I do any dinner prep that I can.  All that needs to happen later is the actual cooking.  After that I read, or scrapbook, or play on my computer.  If it's Friday I watch last night's Project Runway on

3-4:00:  The kids get up.  Usually closer to 4.  Most days they play outside until dinner.  If I'm especially worn out or it's rainy they sometimes get an episode of Dora or something else.  I finish making dinner.  If it's Wednesday we head over to my parents house for dinner.

5:15-5:25: Brian gets home.  The kids throw themselves at him.  We eat dinner.

6:00: I wash dishes while Brian washes kids.  On non-bath days he plays with them while I do dishes.

6:30-7:00: Get the kids ready for bed.  Have them help clean up toys, get in pajamas, brush teeth, a story if there's time, Kalena always requests a song.

7:05:  Fall on the couch.  Watch a movie or some netflix with Brian while we both do various thing on our laptops.  Chat about the day.  Shower if I need one so my hair can dry before bed.  If one of us has evening commitments, they usually run from 7-9 or so.

10-11: Bedtime.  Depending on how tired I am.  Prepare to do it all again tomorrow.

Your turn!


  1. That's quite the routine! I don't know if I have anything that exciting, but maybe I'll steal this idea since I don't have anything else to blog about.

  2. I know the "fall on the couch" hour so so so well.


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