Monday, August 8, 2011

I guess she thought that was a good reason?

A couple weeks ago at church Kalena was following Will around.  With her finger in his ear.  He was quite obviously trying to get away from her so I told her (in my best "I'm serious" church whisper) to knock it off.  And she looked at me, totally sincere, and said, "But I WUV him."

Apparently love makes tormenting him okay.


  1. We were taking a walk in the wagon the other day and out of the blue Patrick said, "I'm thinking about when aunt Elsha was yelling at her kids at grandma's house." Ummmmm, WHY are you thinking about that? And that memory of his is damning, I know I'll never get away with anything.

  2. Like telling g'pa in her sweet voice "I wanna watch a dinosaur movie" and him telling her that he wasn't done with his dinner yet and then her using a growly, deep voice and talking really fast "But I want to watch a dinosaur movie." Classic!

  3. I know I always joke about Jason being my child, but this really does sound like something he would do.


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