Saturday, February 5, 2011

You can start with the walking anytime now

Will isn't walking yet.  I'm sure he could, if he tried, but he won't.  He can stand without holding anything.  I've seen him take unassisted steps (1 or 2 about the time he turned 1).  He will walk pushing his little car walker thing.  He cruises like crazy.  But with the walking?  Not so much.  In fact, if you try to get him to walk while holding his hands he'll just sit down on the floor and crawl away.

Probably when he starts walking I'll think, "Why did I want this?!"  But right now I'm excited for the walking.  When did your kids start walking?


  1. Kyle was 15 months. He probably could have for months before that but just wasn't interested. Then he started and never looked back :)

  2. It's probably tough for him carrying around that big head.

  3. 9 months for Malachi and 10 for Libby. Damon seems a little slower and I'm glad. I want to enjoy a baby a little longer!

  4. Allison was 19 months WITH PHYSICAL THERAPY. It was awful. She had NO interest. And she was over 30 lbs. And I was hugely pregant with Jordan. Jordan was somewhere between 12 and 13 months. She went from 3-4 steps to 10-12 to running.


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