Friday, February 4, 2011

An update. Well, a non-update really.

Laura requested an update on how the P90X is going and I am happy to oblige her.  This week?  It's not going.  Between everyone being sick and the lack of sleep and the hacking up a lung every time I so much as laugh too hard, I spend any energy I can muster up making dinner.  Because it turns out these kids still want to be fed like three times a DAY!

I remember back in college when I'd get sick and wish my mom were there to take care of me.  Now I long for the days where being sick meant I could take some nyquil and watch tv from my bed all day.

But back to P90X.  Last week was the "rest" week of cycle one which means no lifting, no ab ripper, more stretching and yoga.  We made it through that and then this week should have been the start of cycle two.  Instead, we decided it'd be more fun if we all spent the week wanting to die.  So I think the plan is to start cycle two next week.  (Please, PLEASE let us be better by next week.)  I guess it worked out well to get sick between cycles, although it will throw off my plan of finishing up with P90X and Biggest Blogging Loser at the same time.  (Well, same time-ish since 90 days is like 13 weeks and BBL is 12 weeks.  But now it's going to be another week off.)  ANYWAY.  I'll do more updating when we're back at it.

On an unrelated note, if Kalena coughs and you ask her if she's okay she'll say, "Yeah.  Miss just have a wittle cough."  Every. Single. Time.


  1. I am sorry you guys are so sick, no fun!

    P90X is rough. I think I did half of cycle one and quit. Grant is much better at sticking to it than I am.

    What is the update on running in a dinosaur costume? I will definitely fly home to witness that!

  2. Thanks for the post! Hope you feel better soon! Kelsea's pretty much sore all the time from P90X. Sounds like a tough program.


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