Wednesday, February 16, 2011

I know reading is good but seriously?

Will is in a phase of wanting to be read to.  Now, I like reading.  I like reading to my kids.  In fact, I specifically buy books I enjoy reading so that I do like reading to my kids.  But Will?  Only wants to read board books.  Which, again, would be fine IF he were satisfied with reading four or five or ten books.  But NO.  He wants me to read to him for like an HOUR.  And board books take like 45 seconds apiece to read.  Which means I have to read like a gazillion books.  Or the same book a gazillion times in a row.  (That's actually his preference.)  So now I spend all my time trying not to sit in one place for too long so he doesn't have time drag his books over and whine at me until I read Little Blue Truck AGAIN.  (And I really like that book.)  I am looking forward to the day where he'll sit happily through a whole Dr. Seuss book instead of yet another reading of Hand, Hand, Fingers, Thumb.  (I also really like THAT book, but enough is enough.)

On an unrelated note: still watching Greek over here.  And a few thoughts:

1)  It bugs me that the show title uses sigmas for Es.  I know the idea is that sigmas sort of look like Es, but the greek alphabet equivalent of an E is epsilon which, incidentally, looks EXACTLY like an E.  (I'm sure only a sorority girl from an engineering school would care about that kind of detail.)

2)  I am LOVING the Ferris Bueller references.  Loving.


  1. Bullet #1 makes me laugh. Sounds like something that would bother me. That's probably why we're friends.

  2. We went through the EXACT same phase with Amelia. That's why I ALWAYS want more books. The other say we went to Barnes and noble and just sat in the kids section and read, just to have new and different books. Try that sometime!

    Also, I had a dream last night that I went and stayed at your old sorority house. Weird.

  3. My son is 28 and daughter is 23, would love for them to little enough to read too. Before you know it they will be grown.

  4. I'm surprised you can stay awake through a gazillion books. I hit three and then I'm out.

  5. Oh, I love Greek, but that annoys me too (says a fellow sorority girl). The finale just aired and I shed a tear. (Not because it was sad, no spoilers, but just because it's over.)


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