Thursday, February 3, 2011

Back to the doctor

Remember at Will's one year appointment when they told me his head is huge and we had to have it checked again?  Well we did that today.  And since today's measurement was a quarter inch smaller than last time (19 1/2 inches today) the pediatrician said the measurement was probably off last time and there's no need to worry.  He does still have a big head though.  Quarter inch smaller still puts him in the 99th percentile.

Anyway, it was sort of convenient that the appointment was scheduled for today since we all have this awful cold.  The pediatrician thought it was convenient too.  She said she was glad we didn't end up just having to come for the head check since that turned out to be fine.  So.  Looks like RSV all around and Will has an ear infection.  Awesome.  She didn't actually do the test for RSV since it doesn't make a difference in terms of treatment for any of us, but she said that's what it sounds like.  She recommended lots of rest (which in this house translates to lots of movies) and fluids.  Anyway.  Good to know what's making us all so miserable.


  1. Good that his head isn't in danger (lol) but sad that you are all sick :( you should buy some Emergen-C and put it in your kids water. We do that for Amelia when she has a cold and it really helps!

  2. Glad his head is okay! Sorry you are all feeling yucky though. Hope you get well soon.

  3. Also, post request: P90X. You can wait until you feel better if that works better for you.


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