Sunday, December 19, 2010

You'd think living in the same town as my parents would mean LESS driving at Christmas

Brian and I picked Kari and Amelia up from Denver on Saturday.  That's right, we drove for 4 hours just have lunch, add two passengers to our car, and turn around and come home.  Because we just love them THAT MUCH.  Also my mom watched both our kids, and a whole day without a dirty diaper or a tantrum always sounds pretty good, even if it involves that much driving.

Lunch was extra fun because Kirsta and Joe came with their boys and brand new little Caroline!

Caroline spent the whole time zonked out, which was good because you know, no crying.  Unfortunately it meant no holding the little doll.  Next time!

Jonathan came to see Kari and Amelia off.  He doesn't get to come down until Christmas eve, so we're all hoping for good roads that day!

Of course, it snowed pretty much the whole way while we were driving, which always makes Vail pass extra fun.  It sure does make it beautiful though.  If you've never driven I-70 between Denver and Grand Junction, it's quite the scenic trip.  I definitely recommend it.  Preferably with someone else driving so you can enjoy the scenery.  

Anyway, more family in town tomorrow, Christmas must be getting close!


  1. Well Amelia sure looks excited to have her picture taken! Thanks for coming to get us! I'm sure Santa will be extra good to you this year because of it. :)

  2. It seriously did not occur to me that you might want to hold her until AFTER we were home and getting her out of the carseat. Whoops! Sometimes you have to ask to simply remind me we have a new baby, especially when she's just zonked out!

  3. You've reminded me of how much I don't miss driving in the snow!


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