Monday, December 6, 2010

I guess JC Penny has no faith in my addressing abilities

After making sure I got the Christmas card pictures taken nice and early, I'm just getting around to addressing them.  I suppose that's better than just getting the pictures done now though.  Anyway, I was addressing them last night, and as I got close to being done I realized that there were more envelopes than cards.  Like, many many more.  I knew there would be a few extras since I asked for a couple in case a messed one up, but this was more than a few.  I counted and found that even though I only have 5 cards left, I have 29 envelopes.  That's 24 extra envelopes.  TWENTY FOUR.  I only ordered 36 cards.  I would have had to screw up two thirds of my cards to need 24 extra envelopes.

So.  Anyone need some 4 X 7 envelopes?

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  1. They did the same thing to us! I haven't actually counted the extra envelopes, but it's an entire rubber- banded bundle!


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