Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas day, the photo highlights

Will enjoying his Little People Airport.  Enjoying the taste anyway.

I told Kalena to show me her triceratops so she turned around and smiled for like 2 seconds.  And then she roared at me.  That's her new kitchen in the background.  She won't leave it alone.  Also, she thought it was GREAT to stash everyone else's gifts so she wouldn't have to share.  I'm pretty sure every toy at my parent's house made it into that oven at least once.

Miss Amelia in her little Santa outfit.

Superman's TRUE secret identity: Jonathan Phelps.

Do I need a reason to post another picture of this cutie?  He looks like he's ready to fix something with those pliers.


  1. Cute pctures. Once again, I didn't copy your pics to our flash drive :( can you log into my SAMs club acct and make an album of all of them so I can print them?? Thanks :)

  2. Sorry we missed such an excellent celebration, but also glad we didn't add any more to the already chaotic time!


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