Thursday, December 23, 2010

Birthday party time

Yesterday was Will's birthday, so we did a little celebrating.  We didn't do lots of gifts, since we gave him birthday gifts when he was six months.  (Did I mention that?  To avoid doubling up on gifts at Christmas, we did some gifts at 6 months.)  Anyway, he did have a birthday gift from Brian's parents, and so did Kalena!  (Not a birthday gift obviously.)  Here she is, showing you her new pony.

Will enjoyed his card VERY much.  (See all those teeth?  From zero to 6 in 3 months.)

Then he got excited about his birthday gift...

and then Kalena decided she needed it, so she traded him for her pony.

He wasn't too sure about that cake.

But he enjoyed it in the end.


  1. Good job capturing lots of his different expressions! Super cute!

  2. I like Kalena's sweater...very stylish.

  3. every picture of your little guy is just so stinkin' cute!!!

  4. I'm in love with his face when he's holding the pony! In my opinion it was a good trade.


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