Wednesday, December 8, 2010

It's always the dads teaching kids stuff like this

Brian has taught Kalena to open her mouth and let him spray whipped cream directly into it.  (Can you feel my disapproval through the screen?)  I only realized the other day how much his lesson had sunk in though.  After snacking on crackers with easy cheese (we normally don't have that stuff around, just so you know) I told her we were all done with snack and it was time to play.  All was fine until 15 or 20 minutes later when she picked up the easy cheese from the table, brought it over to me and said, "Miss open her mouth."  And then opened up, wide as she could, ready for me to squirt easy cheese right down her throat.

I did not oblige.


  1. Oh...youre such a responsible mom.

  2. AHA HA HA!! Ah, dads. Paul is teaching the older boys to burp.


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