Wednesday, December 29, 2010

New Years Plans

What are you doing for New Years?  Part of me feels like we ought to Do Something, then the other part reminds me that the kids will be up at 6 am New Years day no matter what we do.  I'm not even sure what we would do anyway.  It's been SO long since we did anything besides watch TV on New Years eve.

And that's why I want to hear what fun things YOU are going to do.    


  1. Its not set in stone but we are most likely going over the mountains and participating in an ugly sweater party! But that's only if the weather lets us!

  2. I feel just like I really want to do anything because I know my kiddos will wake up early. We may just do the tv thing.

  3. As of right now we're having a Roller Derby party at Justin's house. Ummm..yeeeeeeaaaaa. Don't know how to feel about that.

  4. We are going to eat lots of good food, play some games with just the two of us and go to bed on time. Makes it feel like a party without a sleepless night. :)


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