Sunday, August 31, 2008

You know you want one too!

My brother Eric (who has not started his own blog but SHOULD) sent me a link to the coolest table ever and told me that I needed one. It's a periodic coffee table; a coffee table with a periodic table inlaid in the top including samples of every element encased in resin. I won't lie-- I am nerdy enough to think it's awesome. I would love to buy one, but they cost $9500 and I don't have that kind of money laying around. And let's face it, as awesome as this table is (and it is pretty awesome) if I had $10,000 to spend on something frivolous I would probably rather have something from here.


  1. Tiffany's does not include Francium, Astitine, Phosphorus, or Xenon in their stuff. That table ROCKS. And I do have a blog now. It's so there.

  2. Not me - I hate jewelry. I also dislike coffee tables though. To many places for babies to bonk heads and climb on top of then fall off. But I can think of a few places I could spend that money!

  3. Sometimes I am a little weirded out by the sheer number of odd links we send each other as a family. Is this normal? Do all siblings know of their family members' intrinsic loves for period tables, giant chess boards, or endless random trivia? I think not, which leads me to believe we have the BEST FAMILY EVER!!


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