Friday, August 8, 2008


On Wednesday we went to Pearl Harbor. But don't worry, we took every possible wrong turn before we made it there. Ah, nothing like following someone who doesn't know where they're going. Anyway, we did make it there eventually. Once we got there we had to load up Brian and Joe like pack horses because you can't take any sort of bag into the memorial. Between the two of them they had diapers, wipes, bottles, formula, and who knows what else. Good thing they both had big pockets! We wondered if they would let us bring in our sling, because the sign said you couldn't bring in anything that allowed concealment. Luckily they did let us bring it. It was a good thing too because Kalena slept in it for most of the day. (Of course.) Here's the memorial built over the USS Arizona.

Here are Kalena and Patrick both asleep on the memorial.

The dedication.

The name wall inside the memorial.

Close up of the name wall.

Brian with my dad (and Kalena sleeping.)

After Pearl Harbor we went to the International Market and shopped for souvenirs and had some delicious dinner. Here's my mom with Kirsta and Patrick at the entrance to the International Market.

And here is Kalena wearing one of the souvenirs we bought for her.

And that was Wednesday! And writing this all out day by day is making me realize just how much we did while we were in Hawaii; no wonder it went so fast.


  1. I may not comment on each of these but I am interested and I am looking at all your posts!

  2. All you fun pics are making me SO excited to go to Hawaii in a couple of weeks!


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