Friday, August 1, 2008


On Saturday we mostly hung out at the condo pool. Brian just stayed in the condo because he got sunburned snorkeling at Waimea Beach and he didn't want to make it worse. He didn't mind too much though because he had his laptop and the condos had wireless internet. What more could you want? We also went to Turtle Bay Beach (which is different than Turtle Beach-- we went there on Monday) and some people played beach volley ball. I didn't because I am not a fan of running in the sand, nor am I a fan of playing volley ball in general so combining the two just does not appeal to me.

So the day was pretty relaxing in general and probably the most exciting thing to happen was this:

That's right, I cut my hair! Well, not me personally; my cousin cut it because she actually knows what she's doing. Here is the before picture:


Enough to donate!

And obviously that first picture was the final product.

I am a fan:)


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