Tuesday, August 5, 2008


Sunday morning we went to church where Kalena did some more sleeping (of course.) I should have just hung out in the mother's room though because the air conditioning was working in there as opposed to many of the other rooms.

Sunday afternoon we took family pictures. Despite what you may think, arranging more than 30 people for a picture when 7 of them are 3 years old or younger is NOT FUN. (I didn't actually end up with any of the whole extended family on my camera so I'll have to wait to post those.) Also, I've learned that I have a hard time smiling when Kalena is crying and I know all she wants is to be fed but we have to take pictures RIGHT NOW. As a result of that I look super happy in most of these pictures.

The whole John Gustavson family. Not the best picture in the world, hopefully someone got a better one.

My parents.

Me, Brian, & Kalena.

Kirsta, Joe, & Patrick.

Kari & Jonathan.

Kirsta with Patrick.


4 generation picture: Kalena, me, my dad, and my dad's mom. Kalena's expression pretty much sums up how pictures went.


  1. Your smile looks great to me. I get all beat red and frustrated in those types of situations. Good looking family!


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