Saturday, August 2, 2008

Quick thoughts

DONE! I finished Breaking Dawn less than 24 hours after buying the book. It's a good thing too because I sure didn't get anything done around the house today and I knew I wouldn't get anything done until I finished. All I'm going to say about it is: READ IT.

Unrelated, Kalena did this for the first time last night:

In case that big fat black arrow I added didn't clue you in, last night she reached out and grabbed onto that ring for the first time. She has been hitting all the dangling toys for weeks now, but she hadn't grabbed for or held onto any of them before.

I know you're all enthralled by my child's every move which is why I post stuff like this. And by that I mean I post it because I'm too lazy to keep a journal and I need somewhere to keep track of it all.


  1. This isn't a comment about this post so much as a comment about blogs in general: I started one. jacobsncompany.blogspot.

  2. Love the updates. People laugh at me because I post more than one in a day but that's because it means I have time to do it that day. Like the day both kiddies nap for three hours!

  3. soooo... how do you make Family and Friends groups?


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