Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Cute things from the three year old

When my mom left early last week to go out to California and be with her sisters, Kalena made sure to tell us often, "My grandma misses me SO MUCH."

After seeing a spider on a show Kalena told Brian, "I've never seen a spider before.  I love spiders."  This from the girl who makes me pick up any speck of dirt she believes is a bug.

If you ask her a question she will sometimes say, "Let's stop and think."

The other day she heard Will wake up from his nap so I told her she could go in say hi.  I could hear him calling out, "mama" and when she went in he got excited and said, "Mama!"  And Kalena responded, "No, it's just me.  Missy van de Boogaard."  Like he needed clarification on which Missy.

I am loving this age.


  1. Oh, she sounds so adorable! Three is a ways off for us, but it must be so fun to see those little personalities just explode.

  2. Super cute. Those wheels in her head are just turning and turning :)


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