Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Top 10 signs my kids are obsessed with dinosaurs

10)  I keep thinking I see small wads of paper, but when I get up close it's just another tiny dinosaur.  All over the house.

9)  Will scours the bookshelf to bring me one of the few dinosaur books we have.

8)  I can get the kids into the backyard in seconds if I ask them to go check out there for dinosaurs.

7)  When asked what movie he wants to watch, Will's only response is "Dinosaurs!"  Anything from the Land Before Time series will do.

6)  Kalena's dreams often include being eaten by a dinosaur.  (This doesn't seem to bother her any.)

5)  Will's first two word sentences were: "My dinosaurs!" and "Love dinosaurs!"

4)  Kalena's refusal to jump into the pool because of the "big T-Rex" at the bottom.

3)  Will can identify a pterodactyl (and say the word).

2)  They both insist on wearing their dinosaur shirts every time they're clean.

1)  I've heard Will roar in his sleep.

Definitely obsessed.


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