Sunday, October 30, 2011


I re-did my blog layout!  I've been meaning to do it, but I finally got bored enough last night that I actually did.

Here's me at 19 weeks.  Looks about the same as the one I posted yesterday.  But you know, the pictures are for POSTERITY.

I promise that tomorrow I'll quit posting pictures of myself and post darling Halloween pictures of the kids.  I have been too lazy to attend any Halloween anything thus far, but I WILL do something tomorrow.  (And by "will do something" I mean the kids will be in costume at some point.)

Brian had this conversation with Kalena the other night when she got out of bed for about the millionth time.
Brian: What do you need?
Kalena: I just have a little owie.
Brian: How did you get it?
Kalena: I got bit by a dinosaur.

Of course you did.  

I have eaten no Halloween candy thus far.  Because there's none in the house!  

So.  How are things in your neck of the woods?


  1. Love the layout.
    I don't mind the pregnancy pics, rather look forward to them actually.

  2. I felt a little left out on Facebook today because everyone posted their Halloween party pictures, of which I have none because we didn't do anything :( we too, will put Amelia in her costume at some point on Monday, and will look forward to pictures of your kids! Happy Halloween!

  3. You really should put that dinosaur out at night.

  4. Ha! Oh the dinosaurs...

    Pretty sure I've eaten by body weight in Halloween candy.

  5. I left a big long comment and blogger deleted it. I just can't to it again.


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