Monday, October 10, 2011

Look, I found some pictures!

So, a couple weeks ago I sent Brian to the store before work because we were out of milk.  (I am realizing that I do this WAY too often.  I really need to pay attention to how much milk we have before we have none.)  Anyway, about the time I heard him open the door when I he got home I thought, "I should have had him pick up some donuts too.  Well, too late now."  But apparently he's a mind reader because he had donuts!  (This is why we're married.)

The kids, of course, were SO! EXCITED! that I had to take some pictures.  I mean, come on.  There was chocolate!  And sprinkles!  For breakfast!!

Will was incapable of saying cheese and opening his eyes at the same time.

Kalena insisted that I take her picture, but then wouldn't put down her donut and smile long enough for me to actually do that.

It's probably a good thing the Krispy Kreme here closed, because otherwise I would find excuses to have donuts WAY more often.


  1. How cute! Amelia gets really excited about the idea of doughnuts but when presented with one she won't eat it.. Are you shocked?

  2. Oh oh how I miss donuts. Luckily I haven't found a donut place here that I love enough to risk the points on. But when I'm in Utah....donuts it is!


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