Friday, January 29, 2010


4:45 am is early. Add a baby who was fussy all day and refused to sleep unless being held. Plus a toddler who only naps for an hour a day. AND a husband who is sick, so his normal 9 - 11 pm shift with the baby? Mine today. Lets hope that for my sanity Brian is feeling better tomorrow.

On the other hand, times like this living with the parents comes in handy. ESPECIALLY on Saturday mornings when they're both home.


  1. I hope John and Linda can help you out tomorrow - especially if Brian has what I have and it lasts a few days. Good luck! Amy

  2. When I'm especially tired I tell Patrick not to bother me and I "take a rest" on the couch - close enough to listen for disaster of him being TOO quiet, and comfortable enough to feel slightly rejuvenated when he gets bored of playing on his own. I usually bring Eli with me and he nurses to sleep while I rest.

  3. *"or," not "of." And Patrick is actually quite respectful of my "rests" - he sits on the floor by me and colors. If he's feeling needy or especially active, rests aren't a good idea!


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