Monday, January 25, 2010

Two wins for the weekend

Win number 1:

I fit in my pre-pregnancy jeans! At least, the one pair I could find. Granted, they're a little tight, but they zip and button and everything.

Win number 2:

Kalena successfully used the potty! At her own request even. We haven't really been doing any "training" so to speak, just trying to get her to make the associations. But a few times recently (including this afternoon) she's taken off her diaper, so I guess I need to be doing a little more with the potty training.

Any weekend wins you want to tell me?


  1. I cleaned my hoooouuuuuuuseeeee. That's a HUGE deal. And now I'm going to clean my room too. I'm just accomplishing things all over the place.

  2. That's a GREAT win with Kalena using the potty! Patrick likes to pee anywhere BUT the potty - I think it's because he likes to stand to pee. Next time we attempt potty training (we were unsuccessful 2 weeks ago) I think I'll go straight for the standing-up, even though it's bound to be messy. I don't recommend Kalena trying to stand and pee, no matter HOW old she gets :)

  3. Congrats on the jeans! It is a great feeling to fit into them again, even if they are a little snug. Keep breastfeeding and before you know it you'll be a skinny-mini :) I didn't have any big wins but I'll celebrate both yours for you!


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