Monday, February 1, 2010

Back on the Weight Watchers wagon

After I had Kalena it took quite a few months before I broke down and finally joined Weight Watchers. And then I got pregnant with Will after like a month of tracking points. I kept losing weight for the first six weeks of the pregnancy which meant the by the time people were noticing and complimenting me on the weight loss? I was 6 weeks along.

This time, no waiting around. The stakes are higher this time because Brian and I are competing. The prize? 24 hours of child free time that can be spent in increments to do whatever. I REALLY want that. So not only will I be weighing in for weight watchers, I'll be putting up a ticker here so I know the WHOLE INTERNET is watching me. Or at least the 5 people or so who read this blog:) Wish me luck!

Oh yeah, here's a family picture that will serve as the "before" picture.


  1. Best of luck to you!! Jazzercise helped me lose the baby weight (and then some). Now I'm using to help track nutrition and fitness. You might want to check it out!!

  2. Weight Watchers is wonderful...I am doing it now to try and take off all of the weight I gained when Tice and I moved it. If you stick with it it will melt off! Good luck and let me know if you every need any support.

    PS my favorite thing about WW is their e-tools. So many great recipes!

  3. what a good prize idea! good luck!

  4. Isn't it an unfair advantage that Brian goes to the gym every morning??

  5. As I am already the 9th comment on here, you obviously have more than 5 readers :) That IS an excellent prize! Instead of hitting the gym (which you could totally do in the evenings, what with your live-in babysitters) you can always jump rope at home (it only takes 30 seconds to be seriously winded - WHEW!) or take walks around the neighborhood when it's nice - pushing two in a stroller is surprisingly good excercise (especially up hills!).

  6. Holy Crap! I can't even imagine 24 hours of child free time. I need a contest just to win that prize.

    Good luck!


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