Monday, April 7, 2008

Busy and Boring

Life has been busy. Although apparently nothing that has been keeping us busy has been interesting enough to blog about. Hence the lack of blogging.

Here's a quick recap of what's been going on. I had Friday March 21st off work because I live in the South and down here Good Friday is a holiday. So yea for living somewhere where blatantly religious holidays are still acceptable! Then I spent March 26th through the 28th out of town; well, two days driving and one day in Corpus Christi. For work unfortunately, not the beach. On Saturday the 29th we spent the day in Lubbock with cousins. We mostly just hung out and talked, everyone wanted to spend a little time with Brad before he leaves for Iraq again. You would think we'd see them more often since they're the only family we have within day trip range. (And especially Lisa and her family since they live all of 20 minutes from here.) But no.

Anyway, April 1st was my first baby shower, given by the lovely ladies from church. I got ridiculous amounts of cute stuff and realized that sometime next month* I'm actually going to bring home a tiny little person to wear all this cute stuff. Crazy!

In the midst of all this, we have also been picking out paint colors because Brian is set on getting the house painted (interior not exterior) before the baby gets here. He is also planning on getting rid of our popcorn ceilings. This all sounds like quite the undertaking, but fortunately Brian's schedule consists of class for about 7 hours a week and, well, now this. :) Still, if he didn't have the background in construction that he has there's no way I'd willingly start all this 5 weeks before the baby is due.

So, this whole post is pretty random, maybe I'll be able to put together something more coherent later this week. Maybe not. No promises.

Last but not least, here is a picture of me at 34 weeks. For those of you paying attention, yes, I'm actually at 35 weeks now. I'm a little behind on the picture posting.

*I'm due May 10th for those of you who don't already have that written on your calender, which, you should because doesn't your life revolve around an exact date on which I may or may not give birth?! I personally am predicting it will happen sometime the following week if anyone is taking bets.

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