Monday, April 28, 2008

Here it is

After the numerous beatings, constant nagging, and now the public humiliation I have decided to make a post. It’s not like I have been remodeling the house or anything. So anyways, now that I have decided to stop being lazy I figured I would start off slow. You know, keep the expectations low. Don’t want Elsha thinking she can bend me to her will, because that would be bad. So anyways I thought for a first post I would list 10 things that you won’t hear me say (unless I am being sarcastic).  So here it is:


  1. You know, I think my T.V. is just too big.


  1. I think I just have too much free time.


  1. You know what I love? Airplane bathrooms.


  1. You know what else I love? New on time departures.


  1. I am done buying movies.


  1. This iPhone just has too many features for me.


  1. You know what I need? A slower computer.


  1. Hey Elsha, I love it when you don’t scrape your food into the trash before putting your plate in the sink.


  1. You know what makes me happy and warm inside? Waking up to dog vomit on the carpet.


  1. I am jealous that I can’t experience the joys of child birth.




  1. Finally! Too funny. Glad you did this. I still need to do this one on mine.

  2. LOL! Thanks Brian - maybe now I can get Chris to blog too.

  3. Brian, thanks for the laugh. I could totally hear you saying some of those

  4. Thanks Brian. Too much estrogen in this blog. I can't wait till I get a real job again and can afford an iPhone.

  5. It must have been very painful, especially the part about the beatings but, for us, the readers, it was well worth the wait.


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