Friday, April 18, 2008

Just for fun

Here is a quick post just for fun. This is a list of 10 things you will never hear me say! (Or, at least if I say them I'm being sarcastic)

1. I think I'll dye my hair black.
2. Microwave popcorn? Yuck.
3. I wish I could work longer hours!
4. I'm just glad my skin stays this pasty white color all the time.
5. You know what sounds like fun? Going running!
6. I'm thinking about giving up meat.
7. It's a good thing our last name is so easy to pronounce.
8. Reading is overrated.
9. I just feel so naked without makeup on.
10. Having kidney stones, that was fun; I'd like to do that again.

So what about you? (Anyone who's reading this) What are 10 things I'll never hear you say?


  1. How about, "I wish I could be pregnant for twelve months." :) This was hilarious. Caleb and I had a good laugh. :)

  2. i can picture you saying all those! i'll be thinking of my list...

  3. hey you! i didn't know you had a blog...but now i do! :D it's hilarious to read your blog. i'm getting really excited for your baby to come. then i'll be the only lonely preggers one in the nursery.

  4. loved this one... I put it on my blog... whens your baby coming?

  5. My number one:
    1) I think I'll move to Texas! ;)


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