Wednesday, March 19, 2008

How I really look

For all you skeptics (dad) who don't believe me when I say that I really don't look as gigantic as that picture of me at 29 weeks, here is a side by side of that one and one from 2 days ago of me at 32 weeks.

Just ignore the lack of make-up. It was Monday, what do you want? So anyway, doctor's appointment yesterday indicated once again that everything is good. Which, of course, is what I like to hear:) On the downside, my recent introduction to round ligament pain has definitely pushed me into the uncomfortable realm of pregnancy. Don't get me wrong, I'm fine as long as I get into a comfortable position and then don't move. Or laugh too hard. Or cough. So....yeah. I knew that post about this pregnancy being easy would get me in trouble:)

In other news, um, well... Oh who am I kidding, besides being pregnant the most exciting thing going on in my life is organizing our DVD collection. So if you want to hear more about that just let me know. Otherwise, that's all for now.


  1. 8 more weeks! Woo Hoo! Just in time to get your body in beach ready mode for Hawaii! ha ha! Oh, the luxuries of Breast Feeding! You drop that weight FAST! Have you thought of a name? Or are we keeping it a big secret?! Jason and Tauna have a blog now too. Its You can add them now and have even one more reader. What's up with Kirsta? I thought for sure she'd jump on the blogging band wagon. Especially with the new cutie in their life~! I guess some more coaxing, huh? Miss you guys!

  2. Hey Elsha, I didn't know that you were having a girl until I read Aprils blog. I am excited about that. When is your exact due date? We can't wait to see her!


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