Friday, April 25, 2008

I don't have a good title for this

Once upon a time when I started this blog...alright, that was only like 2 months ago. Anyway, when I started this blog I invited Brian to also be an author. That way, I figured we could have this family blog where we could both post and people wouldn't always have to hear things from my perspective. He accepted my invitation, made his blogger account and then didn't post anything. When I asked him why, he informed me that he'd forgotten his password and also didn't remember the e-mail address he'd used to set up an account. Makes it hard to sign in no? So I said, alright, I'll just delete you as an author and invite you again and this time, write your password down or something. Well, I deleted him and invited him, and he says he has the e-mail marked as new so he'll remember to sign up, but so far NOTHING. And I'm sure if I asked why he hasn't done it yet he'd give me some lame excuse about needing to finish remodeling the house or something, like that takes all his time... ;)

Either way, I told him I was going to write a blog and harass him about it because I know he has some good stuff to write about. Like how he is in love with his iPhone, or how anticlimactic his acceptance to Texas Tech was, or how his crazy pregnant wife is making him her personal slave in addition to forcing him to remodel and paint the whole house...or something. Anyway, maybe he'll listen to you guys. So anyone who wants to see Brian write some stuff here, comment and say so! And if you don't want him to write anything because you're just so in love with my writing that having anyone else write here would be a huge letdown, comment and say so! Then maybe he'll start writing just to be mean :)

In other news, I'm still pregnant. 38 weeks today, and everything is still the same, blah, blah, blah. Here's a picture of me at 37 weeks. Because I never got around to posting it.


  1. I have a few friends who have complianed that there husbands were planning to contribute and haven't. I didn't even invite Caleb to but I do think it would be fun....maybe I will.

  2. You are so cute! I will tease Brian for you and ask him if he's posted anything yet. I see him every wednesday for mutual, that would be a good night, eh?

  3. come on brian, let's hear from ya!

  4. I love your preggo pictures. They are fun to see!

  5. I do like what you write, but maybe I could get Chris to check the blogs too if Brian wrote something...if we were still there he could add the excuse that he was too busy playing wii with Chris. You're lookin' good - the days are numbered!! Keep us posted.

  6. As a licensed clinical psychologist, I can explain why Brian doesn't contribute to your blog... He's a man... and real men don't eat quiche, get in touch with their inner child, or write in their wive's blogs. His forgetting passwords and email accounts are just ploys for letting you down gently, so go easy on him.

    On the other hand real women DO learn to knock down popcorn textured ceilings, replace drywall, and hook up water heater pipes... so get to it.


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