Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Daniel update

Did I tell you Daniel's therapist is coming every two weeks now instead of once a month? Well she is, and she was here on Thursday. She's impressed with the progress he's made although, I think part of what she thinks was progress was really just that he was super tired last time she was here. I mean, he is definitely making progress, but he was not up to par at his first July appointment. Also, his caseworker okayed speech therapy starting at 9 months.

He rolls from front to back easily and often. The day before his appointment he started pulling his knees up under himself which is great (one step in a series of steps that lead to crawling.) And, he's rolled front to back! One time. In his crib, so soft surface probably made it easier.

He now naps with no swaddle and on his belly, but we still swaddle him to sleep at night. He's pretty vocal, and likes to "talk" to himself when he first wakes up in the morning. He smiles often, but he'll only laugh for Brian. And I think that's all that's new with Daniel these days.


  1. It seems like he is already growing up so fast.

  2. What a cutie. Addilyn likes to be swaddled at nap but not night. Babies are weird. Why did his therapist decide to come more often?

  3. Daniel is moving right along! Man!

    And I loved taking note of the incremental and important physical details--swinging at rattle, rolling, knees that creep, etc.--that Iris accomplished as they were ones I took for granted with Ezra. Somehow they were more celebrated and heartwarming when she conquered them.


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