Monday, July 9, 2012

Splash park fun

Here are Will's instructions for how to have fun at a splash park:

Step One: Fill bucket with water. (Okay, maybe technically step one is purchase a bucket from the $1 bin at Target, but I don't have a picture of that.)

Step Two: Place one foot in bucket.

Step Three: Place second foot in bucket.

Step Four: Stand in bucket.

Then enjoy!


  1. He's a funny guy. If only you could've gotten a video of him running around with Jonathan. Cutest thing ever.

  2. That's how Elizabeth plays in the backyard quite often. Only she uses the dog bowl.

  3. Is that as wet as he got the whole time?!

  4. I love how he has nicely wedged himself and is balancing IN that little bucket.

  5. Funny, I too stand in a bucket at the splash park!

  6. What a cute superman outfit! Jason would approve!


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