Saturday, July 21, 2012

Nosey Nancy: Books edition

I'm blatantly stealing this "Nosey Nancy" concept from K. Just so you know.

I grew up in a household with many, many books. If fact, my parents had a library put in when I was a kid (and someday when I get this blog moved I'll post pictures of it.) My mom and I inventoried the library last summer and they have somewhere in the neighborhood of 1,200 books. That doesn't include the kids books. Brian and I don't have nearly that many, but we still have lots. Something like 300? Ish? And about 150 kids books.

I tend to re-read books which is why I buy them instead of just using the library. (I also use the library.) I don't have any kind of e-reader because I'm not a huge fan. I've used one, but I prefer a book. I love having a big selection of kids books because the kids REALLY like to read and I want a variety to choose from. (Again, we use the library, but I still like to own my favorites.) I probably buy more books than I should. Anyway, here are my questions for you:

1) How many books do you own, and how many are kids books?
2) Do you have an e-reader (and what kind)? Do you prefer that or actual books?
3) Are you a re-reader?
4) Do you prefer to buy or borrow books?

Let's hear it!


  1. 1. I suppose we probably have 150 books. Probably half of those are paperbacks bought at book sales/half-price books and the like for cheap. Actually, we probably own 200 books with 100-ish being paperback. Kids books are probably 100-ish on top of that - mostly gifts and half-price book clearance section purchases.

    2. I have a Kindle, a Nook, and kindle/nook/library eReader applications on my iPad. I prefer to read on the iPad, although the Kindle is great for carrying in my purse (the iPad is too big). The Nook I got before the Kindle and don't use anymore. I like actual books better than e-ink readers, but like the iPad best. Anything electronic is GREAT for bringing to work so I don't have to lug books around.

    3. I am a re-reader, but end up reserving so many recommended books at the library I don't have time for re-reading.

    4. I prefer to borrow. I read fast and spend a lot of time reading. It's not uncommon for me to read a book in one day. I've read 79 this year. If I were buying them, that would be an extremely expensive hobby. I pretty much only buy clearance/secondhand books now (I used to buy more, which is why we have quite the collection). I check out both eBooks and regular books from the libray.

  2. Oh, also, I probably own 75 eBooks, about 25 through Kindle deal of the day (which is usually $1.99) and about 50 as free Kindle/Nook books (either free-for-a-day books I find out about from coupon blogs I follow or classics that are always free). Of those, only a handful are in the 79 books I've read this year, because I almost never get around to reading books I own when I have so many due back at the library. I always tell myself, the best way to make sure I never read a book is to buy it.

  3. I did some math on my bookshelf and I probably have 500 books. Maybe another 100 kid books, but those are on three different bookshelves around the house and I am too lazy to count them.

    I have a kindle that my inlaws got me for a dead baby present (yes, really) and I use it 0% of the time that I am home and 100% of the time that I am traveling. I prefer a real book, but I used to be that person traveling with a stuffed full of books backpack (I'm a fast reader. Like really fast.) so the kindle is totally awesome for times without access to my bookshelf.

    I am a rereader, almost exclusively. I read books again a lot. However, they have to be worth it (ie one of the 500 I have deemed good enough to own). I usually do not buy a book until I have read it, although there are a lot of exceptions to that. I haven't read many new books since Elizabeth was born because I don't really have the time to pursue them.

    And I buy books, but only qualified books, because of the rereading thing. I've probably read some of my all time books fifty or a hundred times.

    And I listen to books in the car, so not to waste valuable reading time. I probably have 30-40 books on tape/cd.

  4. I have NO IDEA how many books we own, only that it's a lot! I can see six bookcases from where I'm sitting, there's another one in the bedroom, and at least six more in the basement. Of the ones in the basement, the largest one is "older kids"; the "little kids" shelf is stuffed and has a plastic bin, also full, on the floor next to it. The adult books are about 60/40 fiction/non-fiction; Roger is a history buff.

    I have a Kindle, but unless I am traveling I mostly use it only for e-format-only books. I have borrowed Kindle books from the library, but their selection is still small and badly organized, so I haven't taken much advantage of that yet. (And I take BOTH the Kindle and "real books" when I travel.

    I am a consummate re-reader, and will sometimes ignore the new library book next to me to read the perfect story I already own. I buy books when I can -- usually used -- but my book appetite FAR outreaches my budget. Often I search for used copies of things I have read from the library and loved.

  5. I think we only have ~100-ish hard copy books, and Eriana has ~60. We have maybe 50 eBooks. We got rid of all of our paperback books and old textbooks a few years ago, and that cut down our book collection a lot. We both have Kindles, and love them. I reread all the time. I gain a new perspective each time I reread a book. :) I prefer to borrow, and buy only if it's going to be FOREVER before I can check out from the library or it's a favorite author and I am confident I will like a new book by that person. :)

  6. I'm not sure how many books we have, but not too many. I'm not really a re-reader and I really enjoy (like seriously enjoy) getting rid of things. I just don't like having a lot of stuff. But I do like the idea of owning my absolute favorite books. I also have a Kindle. I like how it's portable and doesn't take up a lot of space. I don't like that it doesn't have the book feel and that I never really have a sense of how many pages I've read and how many I have to go.

  7. 1) We probably own about 250 books. Break down is ~175 actual books (mostly paperbacks, mostly full price purchases or gifts), ~25 kindle books, and ~50 kid books. I used to keep track of my books on a spreadsheet, because I loaned them out so frequently, but i have let that slide in the past few years. Books have been the sure fire gift for me for YEARS. I always read insatiably, until grad school ruined my brain for full length novels. I'm just now getting back on the horse.

    2) I got myself a kindle as a bribe to keep breast feeding last year. I also have kindle apps on my iPhone, my husband's android, and we just got an iPad. I read the most on my iPhone, probably, since I usually read in found moments or as I fall asleep. I enjoy reading the most on my kindle - what can I say, apparently the effort of holding a real book and turning pages is just too much for me. I also read really fast, when I have the time to focus, and lugging multiple books is something I don't miss. Once, I went on a months-long climbing trip and lived in a truck with a friend, and we dedicated perhaps 25% of our very limited storage space to a bin filled with books. Seems so bizarre, now, with my pile of e-readers. All that said, I LOVE looking at people's bookcases, and I am bummed that experience is, at least to some degree, on the way out.

    3) I am a re-reader. I am come back to my favorites every few years, and I love how ready the same book at different points in your life can be a totally different experience.

    4) It appears, based on my track history, that I prefer to buy. I am a little embarrassed that I don't make bettered of the library.

  8. 1) We have thousands of books. No lie. Like well over 2500 of adult titles, and several hundred children's books (not including mine, which are at my parents' house). While we love to read, we inherited at least 65% of the collection from my late Aunt Floriana, a prodigious reader with eclectic tastes who died young.

    2) I have an ipad which I use for my e-reading needs. My Dad has a Kobo, which I like, but I am not a fan of single-use devices. I am a cheapie -- most of my ebooks come from the library.

    3) I am a HUGE re-reader. Lately, the few books I've purchased have been ones that I got from the library and knew I'd want to read again and again. Re-reading is like comfort food to me.

    4) I use the library constantly. We're really spoiled -- our city's collection is extensive (with 37 branches, virtually all with large collections in English and French) and it takes almost no time to get holds. They've been great with inter-library loans, too. I am at our local branch at least twice a week. LOVE IT!

  9. 1.) Erm. I'd guess in the neighborhood of 300ish?
    2.) I have a Kindle and I ADORE it. I now prefer it to actual books. The only downside is that I can't use it during take-off and landing on a plane.
    3.) I'm not a re-reader. The only book I've really re-read is Little House in the Big Woods. I love that book.
    4.) If possible, borrow!

  10. 1. I have no idea how many books we have now. Not that many anymore. I cleaned out the office before Jackson was born and posted over 100 books on Paperback Swap. I tend to get rid of books after a while so they don't clutter up my space.

    2. I have a Nook and I love it. I still prefer real books but the Nook is great for traveling since I have been known to read 3 or more books on a trip and carrying that many books tends to get heavy.

    3. I am not a re-reader. I have a hard time reading something that I already know what happens. I think some of the Harry Potter books are the only books I've ever re-read.

    4. My favorite way to get books is off of paperback swap but that I can take a while since I have to wait for someone to post the book. But I have a ton of credits so I will be getting books for free for a while.

  11. Oh, this makes me want to go home and count my books. I don't know how many we own. I purged a bunch before Beastie was born, but I'm pretty sure I've since made up for that. I am a rereader, and I've found the Kindle is great for that. Many of my favorites are classics in the public domain.
    We have two large-ish book cases full, and then I have some of my favorites from childhood (but still too old for my kiddos) in the playroom closet. The bookcases I mention include one shelf for the boys' books, and then they have more in both the playroom and their bedroom.
    And then I have a few dozen on my Kindle.

  12. 1. Oh, man. I have no idea how many books we own. We have an office that's full of books. And each child has a smallish bookcase that are full, too. Plus a bin of books in the playroom and a pile of library books in the living room.

    2. I don't have an e-reader so I mostly use old school books. T uses his iPad almost exclusively for reading books and magazines.

    3. I'm a BIG TIME re-reader. Re-reading a great book, for me, is like putting on a favorite outfit. It's comforting and makes me feel good.

    4. I do both--for me and the kids. T rarely borrows books and mostly purchases them.


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