Monday, July 2, 2012

Cutest car in the history of the world

When my mom asked what Will wanted for his birthday I told her he was getting plenty of things already and asked if she'd pay to have his stitchery framed instead. (You know, the name/birthday stitchery I finally finished after he turned two.) So she did and that was that.

BUT. She was browsing the other day at a store we'd never been to and found something she was pretty sure Will shouldn't be living without. A Buzz Lightyear car. Or maybe it's a rocket ship. Either way, it's awesome.

Will thinks so too. 


  1. SUPER CUTE! I love it. Also, super cute crocs. Said no one ever. :)

  2. This is making me anxious that one day a Grandma will buy Ruby something equally big... Yeah, yeah, yeah, she might enjoy a big toy. Whatever.

  3. Also, Kari's comment makes me laugh.

  4. So cute! And he is so cute driving it!


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